How Enact Home benefits solar installers

March 5, 2024

Enact solar monitoring is a win-win for consumers and installers

Solar monitoring is not just for homeowners. The Enact Home solar monitoring platform strives to connect homeowners with solar installation professionals, improving customer experience.

Installers can use Enact Home to get a comprehensive view of their customers’ solar experience. Using Enact Home, installers can get an inside view into energy generation, utility savings, system status and customer return on investment.

Enact Home now helps installers build better relationships with their customers and offer better service. Installers can even see their business grow through Enact Home’s referral tracking.

To get access to Enact Home for installers and gain personalized insights into your customers’ solar experience, you need to join the Enact Insider Partner Program. The Enact Insider Partner Program is a partnership program designed for qualifying partner installation businesses. It offers various benefits to partners to help them grow and streamline their solar and storage business using the Enact platform.


  • The Enact Home solar monitoring platform supports installers and their customers to track generation, savings and ROI — while quickly identifying outages
  • New Enact Home features help installers see the long-term solar performance and better support their customers
  • Grow your brand and white label the Enact Home platform with your name and logo
  • Grow your business through automated referrals and money generating features

What is Enact Home?

Enact Home is a comprehensive solar monitoring platform designed to offer solar owners enhanced insights, independent analysis and personalized monitoring features. Developed by Enact, it goes beyond basic solar generation tracking to provide users with a holistic view of their solar journey and energy consumption.

What sets Enact Home apart is its dedication to providing a holistic monitoring experience independent of inverter manufacturers. With a focus on user-friendly design and comprehensive functionality, Enact Home aims to empower solar owners to maximize their investment and embrace a more sustainable energy future.

Our goal is to improve consumers’ experience with solar and energy storage, which is why we continuously update our software with new features each year. We offer energy consumers a 360-degree view of their energy consumption, generation, savings and ROI.

How Enact Home can benefit your business

Enact Home offers numerous benefits to your solar installation business, enhancing your ability to serve your customers and grow your operations.

Our platform empowers your business with valuable insights, streamlined operations and enhanced customer satisfaction. You can differentiate your business in the competitive solar market and drive long-term success.

Fleetview and organized system details

With Fleetview, you can view all your customers’ solar energy systems from a single dashboard. Enact Home is a single platform that works with all hardware types, giving you a wide view of your customers’ success.

Enact Home also organizes system details for installers, which makes maintaining customer relationships seamless. You can view a site’s details in one glance — including contracts, warranties and technical specifications. Enact Home allows installers to store customer documents in the cloud.

Enact Home customer fleetview

Better, branded monitoring

Enact Home offers solar installation businesses better solar monitoring software. The solar monitoring platform offers installers and system owners a simplified user experience and aesthetic. Enact Home shows users actual and estimated savings, tracks return on investment (ROI) and offers consumption monitoring. Installers can see their customers’ utility bills and imports.

Installers have a cutting edge with access to this data, offering a better way to engage with current and potential customers. Enact Home data can help you understand your customers’ system performance and experience. Additionally, this data provides installers with the ability to have informed and accurate conversations with potential customers.

Enact also allows white label services for installers, providing the Enact Home app under your installation business brand. Businesses can add their logo to the platform. Installers can turn their business from a service into a brand with Enact Home’s white label offer.

Enact Home for installers white label feature

Automated Referrals

Word of mouth is the most powerful way to grow your customer base. Enact Home offers solar installation professionals the ability to track recommendations through the Automated Referrals feature. Installers can see which customers created a referral and see if customer referrals turn into sales.

Customers can refer your business to their friends, family and neighbors through the Enact Home platform. Users can send automated invites via email or SMS, using your custom brand.

Outage Reports

Solar energy systems need maintenance from time to time, which is why Enact developed the Outage Report. Enact Home keeps customers happy by quickly identifying when their systems go offline, first notifying solar owners and then the installer.

After a system inverter goes offline for 24 hours, Enact Home users get an email notification — alerting them to the offline status.

If an inverter has been offline for 72 hours, Enact Home automatically sends the user’s installer an email alert. Installers can quickly diagnose and address the issue, preventing expensive utility bills and wasted clean energy.

Enact Home customer outage report

Reward your customers with Renewable Energy Certificates

Enact Home is the first solar monitoring platform to offer California homeowners the ability to capitalize on their solar investment. California residents who own a solar energy system can earn Renewable Energy Certificates (abbreviated as RECs) for every megawatt of solar-generated electricity sent to the utility grid.

The Enact Home platform transacts RECs on homeowners’ behalf through an exchange. By connecting your customers to Enact Home, you can reward your customers for their commitment to clean energy.

Homeowners can earn RECs if they meet the following criteria. Enact Home currently offers REC monetization to solar homeowners who own their system in California. To qualify for RECs, homeowners must have a revenue grade meter installed with their system.

Revenue grade meters are power production meters that measure with a plus or minus 2% accuracy, as determined by the American National Standards Institute. Inverters often have power production meters, but often have a larger margin of error. Revenue grade meters are devices that measure the output of a solar system and differ from utility meters — which measure how much power is taken from a utility grid.

Currently, only Enphase, SolarEdge and Fronius offer inverter options that meet the requirements to be a revenue grade meter.

Homeowners additionally need to have the following documents to qualify for RECs. These documents are listed below:

  • Single Line Diagram — Typically included in plan set
  • Signed Contract with Installer
  • Signed California Solar Consumer Protection Guide
  • Proof of Revenue Grade Meter — Such as a screenshot of the OEM portal
  • Permission To Operate notice — Which can be an email
  • Signed Interconnection Agreement

How does solar monitoring help my installation business?

Enact Home can revolutionize your solar installation business in several ways. The platform provides installers with a comprehensive view of your customers’ solar experience, including energy generation, utility savings, system status and return on investment.

This deeper insight allows you to offer better service and build stronger relationships with your customers. By leveraging the insights and tools provided by Enact Home, you can optimize system performance, identify growth opportunities and ultimately, differentiate your business in the competitive solar market.

With Enact Home, you can quickly identify any issues with your customers’ solar systems and address them before they become major problems, demonstrating your commitment to their satisfaction. Enact Home offers features like referral tracking, outage reports and document management — which streamline your operations and enhance your ability to serve your customers effectively.

What Enact Home features are available for my business?

  • Track your fleet: Use Fleetview to see how your customers’ systems are performing and get accurate insights into energy generation, financial savings and payback periods
  • Help customers faster: Automatically get Outage Reports when a customer’s system has been offline for 72 hours — before utility bills rack up
  • Capture word of mouth: Track referrals and grow your business through word of mouth
  • Mark your brand: Adapt Enact Home with your brand and increase your value proposition to consumers
  • Benefit your customers: Make your customers happy with improved solar monitoring

How to leverage Enact Home for your business

To get the benefits of Enact Home for solar installers, you need to be a member of the Enact Insider Partner Program to gain access. The Enact Insider Partner Program is an initiative introduced by Enact, tailored for qualifying partner installation businesses seeking to enhance their solar and storage operations through Enact’s comprehensive software platform.

This program offers a range of benefits aimed at facilitating growth and efficiency within partner businesses. Participants in the Enact Insider Program continue to leverage Enact’s robust software platform for various functions, including design, sales and project management.

Participants get access to strategic partnerships aimed at bolstering sales expansion and pre-sales support to aid partners during the initial stages of customer engagement. Joint marketing opportunities are provided, facilitating collaborative promotional efforts. Preferred partner incentives are offered, providing exclusive rewards — like advanced training and ongoing support to ensure that partners are equipped with the necessary skills and resources.

Beyond its benefits for partner businesses, the Enact Insider Program is designed to meet the needs of solar and energy storage customers. Additionally, the Enact Home monitoring app provides customers with personalized insights into their systems, ensuring they receive optimal performance and recommendations for optimization.

How Enact Home benefits consumers

Enact Home serves as a vital asset for solar homeowners, providing invaluable benefits that enhance their solar ownership experience. For solar installation professionals, understanding these benefits is crucial for effectively communicating the value of solar monitoring to their clients.

Enact Home enhances the solar ownership experience by providing transparency, efficiency and peace of mind to homeowners. By offering these benefits, Enact Home strengthens the relationship between solar installation professionals and their clients, fostering trust and satisfaction in the solar investment journey.

Comprehensive energy monitoring

Enact Home offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities, allowing homeowners to track solar generation, monthly savings and energy consumption. This transparency empowers homeowners to make informed decisions about their energy usage and optimize their solar investment’s performance.

Identifying problems faster

Enact Home provides proactive monitoring with features like Outage Reports, which alert homeowners to system issues promptly. This helps minimize downtime and ensures that any potential problems are addressed promptly, preserving the longevity and efficiency of the solar system.

Document management

Enact Home streamlines administrative tasks with features like the Documents feature, which centralizes essential paperwork related to solar installations. This simplifies the process of storing contracts, warranties and utility bills — saving homeowners time and effort.

How Enact helps solar installers

Offering Enact Home customer insights to partnered installers is part of Enact’s mission to accelerate solar installer businesses across the United States. While some features are limited to installers in the U.S. — we serve installers in more than 25 countries and territories through our installer platform and Design-as-a-Service.

Solar design & proposal software

Enact for Installers is an all-in-one cloud platform that streamlines operations for solar installers from design and proposal generation throughout the sales process. The 2024 version provides rapid design and implementation features, such as auto-detect tools, on-screen summaries, shading analysis, storage modeling, data visualization, finance integration and document management.

Solar Design-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Sometimes life happens fast, Enact provides customer-ready proposals for installers through Design-as-a-Service. Enact’s global team of NABCEP-certified designers can develop custom solar and/or storage proposals in less than 24 hours using Enact’s solar design software. DaaS is available to installers in the U.S., Australia, India, the UAE, the UK, Italy, Germany and Japan.

The bottom line

The Enact Home solar monitoring platform isn’t just a win for consumers; it’s a game-changer for installers. By leveraging Enact Home, installers gain unparalleled insight into their customers’ solar experience, from energy generation to utility savings and return on investment.

This enhanced visibility allows installers to establish stronger relationships with their customers by providing proactive support and personalized recommendations. Installers can use Enact Home to identify potential issues with a customer’s solar system before they escalate, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction and long-term system performance.

Enact Home enables installers to access detailed analytics and historical data for existing solar projects, empowering them to optimize system performance, identify opportunities for upgrades or expansions and provide valuable insights to their customers. Overall, Enact Home strengthens installer-customer relations by fostering trust, transparency and collaboration throughout the solar ownership journey.

Written by Content Marketing Associate David Bartle
Edited by Product Director Sid Singh