Independent solar monitoring and personalized recommendations to empower solar homeowners.

Solar Savings Monitoring Software

Track Your Solar Savings & ROI

How much are you really saving with solar? We calculate your payback period based on “dollars saved”. Our solar monitoring software makes it easy to measure savings and ROI for your solar investment.

Avoid Outages

Did you know that over 50% of solar systems need maintenance in the first two years? Our software monitors your system to avoid costly outages.

Get notified of any issues with your solar system. Work with an energy expert to understand and resolve problems.

solar energy monitoring software
 Solar System Health Monitoring Software

Monitor System Health

We’re the only solar monitoring platform that allows you to compare “actual versus estimated” generation. The Enact Home solar monitoring software lets you track historic and recent energy generation.

Track your payback period

Going solar is an investment that can pay for itself. Enact Home’s solar monitoring software tracks your monthly utility savings against your system’s initial cost.

Use the Percent Paid Off feature and watch your system pay for itself over time.

Solar Monitoring Software Payback Percent Paid Off
Enact Solar Monitoring App

Get the Enact Home App

Connect with an Energy Expert to discuss your system, bills, upgrades or maintenance.

The Enact Home monitoring software helps solar homeowners with common challenges. We simplify solar ownership to help achieve your clean energy goals.sew

Ready to Take Control of Your Solar Experience?

Solar monitoring is an important aspect of managing and optimizing the performance of your solar energy system. Enact Home makes it easy, integrating our solar monitoring software with your inverter technology. Make sure your solar panel and energy storage system is working properly with Enact Home

Our software tracks, analyzes and reports on recent and historical performance. Enact Home solar monitoring software lets you see your production and consumption of solar-generated electricity.

Sign up today on our website for early access to the Enact Home platform. With a secure and simple two-step process, Enact Home is your partner in maximizing the potential of your solar investment. Make sure your solar investment is working for you with Enact Home.

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What are the financial benefits of going solar?

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Is solar still worth it for homeowners under NEM 3.0?

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