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About Enact

Enact’s Software platform is transforming how solar and energy storage projects are designed, deployed and managed, with thousands of users in 20+ countries. Enact’s platform enables sales teams to design, price and sell remotely, finalize contracts and track project execution. End-customers can also leverage Enact’s platform to manage their solar and energy storage transition and track financial outcomes.

Why California Homeowners Choose Enact

Customer Support
Ongoing Monitoring
Other Typical Solar Provider Experience
Fixed sizes or pre-designed templates with limited flexibility
Limited availability
Enact Buyer Experience
Custom Design of your home using your energy data to meet your consumptions and charging needs.
Open to all brands (hundreds of options)
Track your monthly savings live and compare against your proposal.
Track your monthly savings live and compare against your proposal.
Track your monthly savings live and compare against your proposal.

Why should you choose Enact as your corporate solar and storage partner?

Speed up the mass adoption of solar for your customers using cutting-edge technology

Boost your business’s sustainability score by implementing green initiatives

Increase your revenue and business opportunities by leveraging our technology

Home Builders & Real Estate

Home Builders & Real Estate

Energy Efficiency Brands

Energy Efficiency Brands
Corporates Launching Solar

Corporates Launching Solar

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Types of Partnership


A collaborative arrangement where we combine expertise, resources, and technologies to provide more comprehensive solutions to the solar energy sector. This alliance allows us to leverage our strengths, expand market reach, and maximize the benefits of renewable energy.

Marketplace (TBA)

This is a collaborative partnership between multiple companies within solar energy industry, aimed at creating a centralized platform or marketplace to offer a diverse range of products or services to customers. This alliance brings us together to share a common goal of expanding reach, increasing visibility, and enhancing customer access to a wider array of offerings.

Business Growth

Is a strategic collaboration with the objective of mutually accelerate our growth and expanding our market presence, this partnership involves pooling resources, sharing expertise, and leveraging complementary strengths to capitalize on new opportunities, penetrate new markets, or enhance existing product offerings.

Trusted by homeowners around the globe.

“We have 2 solar systems systems - Tesla and Enact Systems. The one my Tesla is under-delivering by about 20% in generation, the main one by Enact is on the money 4 years later. If you go with Tesla, make sure they do it on site detailed inspection taken into account things like trees and shades.”
John, Homeowner, Castlewood, CA,
“I have experienced three installations and this was the best. They also gave the best quotation amongst 3 vendors and have been the best post installation support experience as well. Go for it!”
Homeowner Fremont
“Enact's platform made it simple for me on both the front and back end. I didn't have to do much legwork on my own to see what program I should get on, the numbers, or the critical information that I needed.”
Homeowner Fremont
“ENACT Shows new information to me. I like the fact it shows me estimated generation versus actual generation. I found the power and energy presentation really easy to understand.”
Homeowner, San Rafael, CA