See how Enact simplifies the solar installation process for Californians.

Your trusted solar advisor in California

Enact is a solar company based in the Bay Area, so we know a thing or two about California’s solar needs. We empower California homeowners to discover custom solar panel solutions. Our goal is to simplify the solar purchasing process and provide Californians with options and transparency.

Our award-winning software connects thousands of homeowners with custom solar energy systems across the Golden State. Our energy advisors are experts in residential solar and design custom systems to meet our customers’ needs.

After installation, solar homeowners have peace of mind through the Enact Home solar monitoring platform. Enact Home tracks system performance, monthly savings and storage battery charge.

Is solar still worth it under NEM 3.0?

Residential solar is still a viable investment for California homeowners under NEM 3.0. While the export rate has shrunk, solar continues to offset California’s high utility bills and solar equipment costs continue to drop. NEM 3.0 incentivizes the installation of solar systems with storage batteries for California homeowners, which see additional savings and better payback periods. Overall, a home solar and storage system is still worth it for California homeowners under NEM 3.0.

Benefits of going solar in California:

  • Reduce your energy bills Based on your energy consumption and the size of your home solar system, you can decrease your electric costs by 50% or more. Californians pay high utility bills, going solar with Enact can reduce your monthly expenses.
  • Increase the value of your home With an increased demand nationally for sustainable energy, a home with a purchased solar system has been known to fetch, on average, up to 4.1% higher than a home without.
  • Lower your carbon emissions As a renewable resource, solar energy significantly decreases carbon emissions. Help make California a cleaner place to live for generations to come!

Enact Home for California

Get independent insights and personalized recommendations.

  • Our solar monitoring platform allows California homeowners to track their overall savings, as well as solar energy production and overall system health. Quickly address any problems with outage alerts.
  • Receive monthly reports to ensure your solar panel system is operating at peak efficiency and connect with an energy expert to help with operating or upgrading your system. Free cloud-based storage included for all solar and storage documents.


Why California Homeowners Choose Enact

Customer Support
Ongoing Monitoring
Other Typical Solar Provider Experience
Fixed sizes or pre-designed templates with limited flexibility
Limited availability
Enact Buyer Experience
Custom Design of your home using your energy data to meet your consumptions and charging needs.
Open to all brands (hundreds of options)
Track your monthly savings live and compare against your proposal.
Track your monthly savings live and compare against your proposal.
Track your monthly savings live and compare against your proposal.
Trusted by homeowners across California

Trusted by Homeowners across California

“We have 2 solar systems – Tesla and Enact Solar. The one my Tesla is under-delivering by about 20% in generation, the main one by Enact is on the money 4 years later. If you go with Tesla, make sure they do it on site detailed inspection taken into account things like trees and shades.”

– Homeowner, Castlewood, California.

“I have experienced three installations and this was the best. They also gave the best quotation amongst 3 vendors and have been the best post installation support experience as well. Go for it!”

– Anil, Homeowner Fremont, California.

“Enact’s platform made it simple for me on both the front and back end. I didn’t have to do much legwork on my own to see what program I should get on, the numbers, or the critical information that I needed.”

– Ashish, Homeowner Fremont, California.


Question 1: What are the benefits of solar in California?
There are numerous benefits of solar energy in California. A home or business solar energy system not only reduces your carbon footprint, but will save you money on utility bills. Going solar also increases your energy independence.

Californians pay some of the highest utility bills in the country, going solar is the only way to cut monthly costs and generate low-cost electricity.

Question 2: What are the benefits of storage in California?
A storage battery saves excess solar energy. Without a battery, unused solar energy is sent to the electrical grid. Storage batteries let you use clean energy all day long. Energy storage also offers energy security at night, on cloudy days and during power outages.

California’s NEM 3.0 policy incentivizes the installation of storage batteries with a solar panel system. Many homeowners in California see additional savings and improved payback periods with solar-plus-storage systems.

Question 3: How can Enact help me go solar?
Enact’s team of energy experts create custom proposals for homeowners in California. Based on your address and latest utility bill, Enact can design the right system for your home that maximizes generation and savings. Enact customers get transparent pricing and a choice in solar equipment and financing options

After we find the right system for your needs, a local California installer will install your system. Enact will keep you updated at every stage of the installation process.

Question 4: How does the Enact Solar process work?
Homeowners share their address and utility bill information with Enact. An energy expert will design a free custom solar proposal for your home. You and your energy expert can discuss equipment and financing options. Once you find the right solar system for your home, we connect with a trusted local installer in your area. Enact customers get updates every step of the way. After installation, track your system’s performance with the Enact Home app.
Question 5: Will someone come to my house?
Homeowners can get a free proposal and consultation via Zoom. Our advanced software can create accurate proposals using 3D satellite imagery. Once you find the right system for your home, a local installer will visit your home to inspect your roof and electrical panel before the installation process begins. Enact’s remote approach maintains accuracy and expertise while respecting your schedule and privacy.
Question 6: What is Enact Home?
Enact Home is a solar and storage monitoring app that provides independent insights to your system’s health and performance. Enact Home users can track energy generation, financial savings, state of charge and other key metrics.
Question 7: Why is Enact Home useful?
Enact Home offers third-party analysis to your solar power system’s performance. Our digital platform can help you understand how your system is working and when you need maintenance. Our mission is to empower clean energy consumers through in-depth analysis.