Solar Simplified for Home and Business

Our award-wining digital platform helps every step of the way.

Enact for Homeowners

Accelerate the transition to clean energy.

Our solar platform allows homeowners to track their solar energy production and consumption, providing a clear understanding of their energy usage patterns.
Our solar monitoring app alerts homeowners about issues with their solar system, allowing homeowners to quickly address any problems and ensure their solar system is operating at peak efficiency.

Enact for Business

Streamline and Maximize Energy Efficiency.

With Enact, commercial and industrial businesses receive a consultative approach to their energy needs. On-site professionals provide a seamless energy analysis to manage their solar energy transition and track financial outcomes.
The result is a scalable architecture with a strong data layer for predictive analytics and the most complete end-to-end workflow for the entire project life cycle.

Enact for Installers

Grow your solar and storage business.

Our all-in-one cloud solar platform provides remote design using satellite images, proposals with detailed pricing and energy analytics and seamless project management.
This innovative solar design tool speeds up sales and project execution, allowing you to streamline your operations, automate your sales process and provide accurate quotes in a fraction of the time.

The Enact Advantage

Equipment Options
Financing Options
Customized Design of your home using your energy data to meet your consumptions and charging needs.
Open to all brands (hundreds of options)
Open to all options from multiple providers (loans/lease/etc)
Transparent on equipment vs labor vs other costs
Track your monthly savings live and compare against your proposal.
Fixed sizes or pre-designed templates with limited flexibility
Limited availability
Limited options
Lump-sum total cost, including hidden fees

Our Trusted Customers and Partners

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Sharaf DG Energy
Rectify Solar
Jinko Solar Eagle
Harmony Energy Works
Exide Industries Limited
Duracell Power Center
CFM Equipment
Centrica Business Solutions
CED Greentech
Black & Veatch
Alive Solar Roofing

Our Blog

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Powering Electric Vehicles with Solar: A Greener Drive Ahead

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Get fast solar proposal designs through Enact’s DaaS

Get fast solar proposal designs through Enact’s DaaS

For nearly a decade, Enact has helped thousands of solar installers in over 25 countries with our digital solar platform. Our software has created thousands of custom solar energy systems. We are excited to publicly launch our Design as a Service (DaaS). In addition...