Enact for Installers

Affordable and Accurate 3D Designs in Seconds

Enact Solar Design Software:

Design with Speed

Design with Speed

  • Roofs: Rapidly create roofs, in most parts of the U.S., with automatic height, automatic pitch and automatic azimuth detection using the Digital Surface Model (DSM) included in your subscription.
  • Obstacles & Trees: Using our solar design software location with confidence, knowing that our Digital Surface Model undergoes height updates once every three months.
  • Shade: Run multiple “what-ifs” in terms of panel placements and alignments using our fast and accurate shading analysis. Delete panels with poor solar access.
  • Revamped User Interface: Easily find critical design parameters including Street View, Design Tools & Properties features. The system size, generation, energy offset and storage size values are constantly updating as changes are made.

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Storage Made Easy

  • Storage Savings: Predict your potential savings with a recommended storage size in a solar only design. With storage added, quantify additional savings generated due to storage optimization.
  • Insights: Visualize charging cycles and the state of charge for any day of the year with our storage strategies & hourly simulations.
Storage Made Easy
Complex Rates Demystified

Complex Rates Demystified

  • Tariffs: Pull up the most popular rates in a zip code and their associated billing structures for both for current and proposed designs.
  • Accurate Global Calculations: Net Billing algorithm forecasts savings with storage during evening hours.

Build Proposals to Your Specific Needs

  • Price: Using our solar proposal software setup multiple pricing templates that cater to your regions and exact customer types.
  • Add Finance: Setup your preferred financing options for sales (including Loan, Lease, PPA) and compare cash-flows against one another.
  • Templates: Use our Flagship Template to get started, customize with colors, fonts, static text, dynamic graphs, 3D image sets, dynamic cash flows and more.

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Storage Made Easy
Complex Rates Demystified

API Connect

  • Lead API: Create & update leads from your website/CRM to the installer app.
  • Design API : Sync Design data to any leading CRM or in-house Custom Applications through our open API.

Finally, E-sign Off

  • Contractual Terms: Include dynamic data from your Design & Pricing sections into your custom contracts.
  • E-signatures: DocuSign your proposals and contracts to close sales discussions with your customers.
Storage Made Easy

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