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Analyze Shading in 3D & Design Energy Solutions

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solar design software

Solar design

We offer a unique opportunity to design your solar energy system, completely remote, using satellite imaging.

Analyze solar shading in 3D

Use our solar design tools to develop complete roof models in 3D and quickly visualize your design.

Design Energy Solutions

Accurate energy analysis for solar or storage projects.

Solar Design Software

An all-in-one cloud software platform for solar design, sales, project and asset management.
Efficient and Convenient<br />

Efficient and Convenient

Eliminate hassle of a site visit. Check shading and view your site in 3D remotely using accurate up-to-date satellite imaging.

Analyze solar shading in 3D

Analyze solar shading in 3D

Develop complete roof models in 3D and visualize your design. Identify trees, keep-outs & obstructions causing shade and develop solar heat maps for solar panel installation at every point of the roof, along with 12 month shading values in minutes.

Let us help you bring your project to life.

Revolutionize Your Solar Design Using Satellite Images<br />

Revolutionize Your Solar Design Using Satellite Images

  • Design your solar energy system by entering the site address and immediately paint panels on roof to scale
  • Always have an expert by your side to answer questions about complex issues
  • Our team will work with you to identify the most suitable options for each and every custom project

With years of experience in the field, our Energy Experts use our solar design tool powered by satellite-imagery to help you create the best system.

Analyze shading, develop roof models in 3D, visualize projects
quickly and more!

Analyze shading, develop roof models in 3D

FAQ’s… more about solar software design

What is solar design software?

Solar design software is a specialized tool that enables professionals and enthusiasts to design solar energy systems efficiently. It helps in the accurate placement and configuration of solar panels, considering factors such as shading, tilt, orientation, and energy production estimates.

What are the key benefits of using solar design software?

By using solar design software, you can:

  • Optimize solar system performance for maximum energy generation.
  • Reduce design time and minimize errors.
  • Visualize system designs in 3D and evaluate their aesthetics.
  • Accurately estimate energy production and financial returns.
  • Generate professional reports and proposals for clients.

Is solar design software user-friendly?

Yes, solar design software prioritizes user-friendliness. It offers intuitive interfaces, drag-and-drop functionality, and interactive tools to simplify the design process. Additionally, our software provide tutorials, customer support, and documentation to assist users in navigating the software effectively.

What solar data is required for accurate designs?

Solar design software requires information such as the location (latitude and longitude), roof dimensions, azimuth, tilt angle, shading analysis, local weather patterns, and solar panel specifications. This data helps in precise solar energy production estimations and optimal solar system design.

Why should I use solar design software?

Solar design software simplifies the process of designing solar systems by providing accurate and detailed information. It helps optimize energy production, ensures proper system sizing, and aids in making informed decisions about solar panel placement and configuration.

Can the software handle different types of solar installations?

Yes, solar design software is designed to handle various types of solar installations, including residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects. It can adapt to different panel types, roof configurations, and system sizes.

Can solar design software help with compliance and permitting?

Absolutely! The software includes features that help streamline compliance and permitting processes. It generates accurate documentation, electrical diagrams, and structural analysis reports, which are crucial for obtaining necessary permits and meeting local regulations.

Is your software compatible with other tools or systems?

Yes, our software offers compatibility with other tools and systems. It integrates with CRM systems, and even hardware devices such as solar inverters and energy meters, enhancing the overall workflow and efficiency.