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Independent solar monitoring and personalized recommendations for solar homeowners.

Our mission is to make it simple, transparent and affordable to purchase and own solar and storage systems. Our solar tracking software is designed to increase trust, choice and transparency. We exist to help you achieve your clean energy goals, whether that’s going solar or maintaining your current system.

New to Solar?

Receive a free estimate.

Let us help you on your solar journey. Get a custom solar panel system proposal designed for your home, based on your needs. Our award-winning solar software has helped thousands of homeowners go solar across the U.S.

Our energy advisors use our advanced solar software to design the right solar energy system for your home. Enact will never sell you an oversized home solar energy system. Have access to hundreds of solar and financing options. Get a free custom solar proposal from the experts.

Already have Solar?

Get better solar monitoring.

We can help you make the most of your system. Get our solar monitoring software and track your system performance and savings. Our users can compare their solar system’s actual and estimated performance, based on our independent analysis.

Enact Home is our solar and energy storage monitoring software, accessible to homeowners across the country. Our energy management software can help you track your system’s performance, savings and offers personalized recommendations. Know when your system needs maintenance or repair through our independent solar software. Our platform works with any solar panel, inverter and energy storage battery.

Why choose Enact?

We keep it simple

Going solar does not have to be complicated. Design your system with our energy experts, who are here to help every stem of the way.

We give you choice

Our customers have access to hundreds of options. From solar equipment to finance options, you have a choice. Our solar software works with a wide array of solar panels, inverters and storage batteries. You have options when it comes to paying for your solar system. Choose what works for you.

We make it transparent

Our customers can see where their money goes and never get hidden fees. We break it down for you. See where you’re at throughout the solar installation and approval schedule. Track and compare your system’s performance and savings with our solar monitoring software. Our platform offers you independent analysis and personalized recommendations.

Go solar with us

There are multiple benefits to going solar. Enact’s energy advisors are here to help you see the benefits of clean energy for your home. Solar panels harness energy from the sun, producing low-cost electricity for your home. The right system can lower your utility bills each month and reduce your carbon footprint. Get a free solar quote through us and get a custom system for your home.

See your system work for you

Going solar can be a major investment that provides low-cost, clean energy. The Enact Home solar monitoring platform shows you how your system is working. Our smart energy management software shows our users key indicators, like energy generation, utility bills, savings and more. Plus we show how your solar system is paying for itself over time. If your system needs maintenance or repair, Enact’s got your back and will alert you. Get the most out of your solar system with Enact.

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