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Independent solar monitoring and personalized recommendations for solar homeowners.

Track Your Solar Savings & ROI

How much are you really saving with solar? We calculate your payback period based on “dollars saved”. We make it easy to measure savings and ROI for your solar investment.

Avoid Outages

Did you know that over 50% of solar systems need maintenance in the first two years? We monitor your system to avoid costly outages.

Get notified of any issues with your solar system. Work with an energy expert to understand and resolve problems.

Measure System Health

We’re the only solar monitoring app that allows you to compare “actual versus estimated” generation.

Get the Enact Home App

Connect with an Energy Expert to discuss your system, bills, upgrades or maintenance.

The Enact Home app helps solar homeowners with common challenges. We simplify solar ownership to help achieve your clean energy goals.

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Powering Electric Vehicles with Solar: A Greener Drive Ahead

Powering Electric Vehicles with Solar: A Greener Drive Ahead

Solar can help electric vehicle (EV) owners save money and be more eco-friendly Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to American homeowners. Demand for electric cars has tripled in the past three years as many consumers want to reduce their carbon...

5 Benefits of a Custom Solar Design

5 Benefits of a Custom Solar Design

A custom solar design can be a great asset for your home. Solar energy is a great way to save money, reduce carbon emissions and provide energy security for your home. There are numerous benefits and Enact can help you go solar fast. You want the right solar system...

History of Battery Technology

History of Battery Technology

The evolution of home battery storage As the world embraces renewable energy sources there is a need for residential storage batteries. Storage batteries store unused electricity generated from your solar panels or from the electrical grid. Homeowners can get the most...