Solar Simplified

See how Enact simplifies the solar installation process.


Design your solar system with us. Our experienced energy advisors leverage our software platform powered by satellite-imagery to design your solar panel system live on a Zoom call, and identify the best option for your home. Get a custom solar panel system that meets your needs.


Select your solar equipment and finance options live from hundreds of choices. Our platform works with any solar panel, inverter and storage battery. Find the purchasing option that works for you. Finalize your solar installation contract with a top local partner in your area.


Track your entire ownership journey: solar installation schedule and approvals, tracking live bill savings from your system and ongoing maintenance needs. Compare your system’s actual performance and savings with its estimated performance.


Add an energy storage battery or an electric vehicle charging station to your solar panel system. You have access to many options that will work for your home and EV. Get the most out of your solar journey with a storage battery or EV station.


Wherever you live, Enact can help you get a solar system for your home. Our energy advisors work with homeowners from San Francisco to San Diego to Boston, and everywhere in between.

Why Homeowners Choose Enact

Customer Support
Ongoing Monitoring
Other Typical Solar Provider Experience
Fixed sizes or pre-designed templates with limited flexibility
Limited availability
Enact Buyer Experience
Custom Design of your home using your energy data to meet your consumptions and charging needs.
Open to all brands (hundreds of options)
Track your monthly savings live and compare against your proposal.
Track your monthly savings live and compare against your proposal.
Track your monthly savings live and compare against your proposal.

How it works

01. Share Your Info

Share your home address and electric billing information, so we can start designing a custom solar panel system for your home.

02. Envision your installation via 3D satellite imaging

Choose the right solar system design to maximize your outcome. Our energy advisors work with you to find the right system using our accurate solar software.

03. Choose the solar panels that are right for you

Enact consumers can choose from a wide range of solar panels, inverters and storage batteries. Find the right system for your energy usage and budget.

04. Multiple finance options

We have multiple solar financing options to cater to every household. Customers can make cash payments or choose from a variety of loan options. You can even use outside financing for your solar panel system.

05. Visibility through your installation process

Get regular updates every step of the solar installation process.

06. Track your savings and system performance

Enact’s solar monitoring platform tracks your energy generation, consumption, savings, amount paid off and more. Compare your estimated and actual generation and savings. Compare results with your neighbors.

We are Enact

We’re a solar software company that empowers homeowners to find custom solar panel systems. Our goal is to simplify the solar buying process and offer clean energy consumers choice and transparency.

We’re not like other solar companies, we design custom solar panel systems across California and the U.S. Our customers have access to hundreds of solar equipment and financing options. After we find the right solar system for you, we connect you with a top solar installer in your area.

Our energy advisors are experts in residential solar systems and have helped thousands of homeowners and businesses get solar. After installation, solar homeowners have access to our Enact Home solar monitoring platform. Enact Home users can track their system’s performance, monthly savings and storage battery charge.

The benefits of going solar

Residential solar power systems offer benefits for homeowners, both environmentally and economically. Here are some of the key advantages of installing solar panels on your home:

Reduced utility bills: Finding the right solar system for your home can save money every month on utility bills. Solar can power your home with clean, low-cost energy for decades. Enact can help you find the right solar system.

Environmental benefits: Residential solar generates clean, renewable energy. You can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future. We’re in the business of accelerating the transition to clean energy.

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