Grow Your Solar and Storage Business by Joining the Enact Insider Program

The Enact Insider Program helps solar installers grow and build their solar business with signed projects* while providing a cost-efficient, transparent, and simplified process for their customers.

*Pertains to highly rated partners only.
The robust Insider Partner Program also offers awareness and brand building through joint marketing, pre-sales support, advanced training, and support within local communities, in addition to boosting partner design, sales, asset and project management capabilities through the Enact design software platform.

Join the Enact Insider Program today and reap the following benefits:

  • *Signed projects with a dedicated team to help support your business
  • Solar 3D Design Tools
  • Pricing, Sales & Training, Webinars
  • Powerful Enact Home App for Customer Solar Monitoring
  • Direct In-House Support
  • Personalized Branding & Logos
*Pertains to highly rated partners only.

Apply to the Enact Insider Program

Once you have been approved as an Enact Insider, you can sign into the portal here.

What our customers have to say

“"Enact has been a total game changer for my business, helping us seal the deal on some many solar projects. Their all-in-one service for sales, marketing, and customer support lets me concentrate on what I do best - delivering fast and accurate solar installations. They've become my one-stop-shop for all things solar, and with their new Insider Partner Program, things are only going to get easier and help us at Bright Energy grow even more."”
Joseph Nelson,
President of Bright Energy Solar