A brighter year for Enact Home solar monitoring

February 1, 2024

Enact Home is proud to launch new features and offer enhanced solar monitoring in 2024

New year, new Enact Home features — and the same dedication to improved solar monitoring. Enact Home users can expect enhanced solar monitoring through new features in 2024. Enact is proud to improve our user experience through better independent analysis and personalized insights for solar homeowners.

Enact Home is a solar monitoring platform, developed by Enact, that tracks solar generation, monthly savings and other key metrics. Our platform will continue to help users maximize their solar investment and get personal insights.

Our goal is to provide a big picture view of your solar journey and energy consumption — and make it easy to understand.


  • Enact is proud to announce new features to improve user’s solar experience in 2024 and beyond
  • Enact Home continues to offer improved monitoring, independent analysis and personalized insights for solar owners
  • Solar monitoring empowers users to maximize their investment into long-term savings

Enact Home continues

Enact Home continues to empower solar owners

Enact Home is a powerful ally for solar homeowners, offering a comprehensive monitoring platform that goes beyond solar generation. The all-in-one solution provides users with independent analysis and personalized insights for their home solar energy system.

Solar owners will continue to enjoy Enact Home’s streamlined interface with new features that improve the solar ownership experience. Our new features will continue to make Enact Home a more valuable platform with additional analysis and insights.

The platform will display an enhanced version of valued performance metrics, such as solar generation, monthly savings and Percent Paid Off, in addition to the previous features in the 2023 version.

Last year, Enact improved our user experience through a sleek design with improved aesthetics. Our product team also introduced the Percent Paid Off feature, system status and automatic alerts when systems go offline.

Better solar monitoring, beyond the kilowatts

Keep your documents all in one place

Understanding and organizing documents related to your solar investment can be a complex task. Solar energy system owners now have a game-changing solution to manage their crucial documents with Enact’s latest feature – Documents.

The Documents feature is a centralized location designed to simplify the storage of essential paperwork, such as original proposals, contracts, pre-solar utility bills, plansets, and warranties.

You can find Documents in the Site Details section of Enact Home. Whether you’re a direct or indirect member of the Enact community, you can upload any document for your convenience.

When you sign up for Enact through the marketplace, all your important papers about your solar system get automatically saved in one place.
Enact Home is more than just keeping an eye on your solar system; the app wants to change the way you experience energy. We know dealing with solar paperwork can be tricky, so we made Documents to make it easier for you.

This new feature shows that Enact really wants to make using solar energy simple and friendly. With Documents, you can get to your documents easily in a personalized secure vault. It’s like a helpful tool for people who love using solar power and want to make handling paperwork easy.

It’s still a good idea to keep essential documents saved in a folder or filed in a cabinet — but Enact Home helps you find these documents in a flash.

solar energy documents feature Enact Home

How Enact Home’s Percent Paid Off feature sets a new standard

Last year, Enact Home released the Percent Paid Off feature — changing how solar owners understand their payback period. Enact Home is improving the accuracy of our feature by allowing users to input the total savings earned from the Solar Investment Tax Credit.

The Percent Paid Off feature helps users visualize how their system pays for itself over time through a gauge meter. As your system saves you money each month, these savings are added together and divided by the total cost of your system.

Users can now input their received tax credit amount and subtract that from their system cost. This offers users an accurate understanding of their payback period, as the solar ITC shortens payback periods.

Seeing your system pay itself off faster with tax credits can brighten your mood. Solar is not just an investment into clean energy but also monthly savings and affordable energy.

Solar investment tax credit payback period feature Enact home

Your solar sidekick for uninterrupted sunshine

You went solar to power your home with low-cost, clean energy. Don’t wait to see your utility bill to see if your system is working. Enact Home users receive an email Outage Report when their solar panel system goes offline for 24 hours.

When your system goes offline, it will be displayed on the main Enact Home page — but we worked hard to send you email alerts. Your system can go offline for a variety of reasons, not necessarily because it’s broken.

The Outage Report feature is here to help you quickly resolve issues. Your email alert will include the ability to contact Enact’s team of advisors. Our advisors can help you troubleshoot potential problems with your system before contacting your installer, which can decrease the time it takes to get things back up-and-running properly.

Enact Home will also contact your installer if your system has been offline for 72 hours. The platform will send an email to you and your installer together with our Installer Notifications feature.

Identifying problems sooner can help you save money. Enact Home aims to quickly spot problems and get a rapid diagnosis.

solar system outage report feature Enact Home

Your solar month, wrapped

Enact Home is more than just solar monitoring, we put your energy experience in context. Every month, Enact Home users receive a report through our Monthly Report feature.

Our Monthly Reports show users crucial information, starting with your system’s return on investment. As your system offsets utility bills, Enact Home calculates your monthly and cumulative return on investment. Our goal is to show how your system can pay for itself.

Users can also see their monthly savings and how much electricity their system generated in that month. You made the investment, it’s good to know how much you’re saving — plus it’s satisfying to see how much energy you produced.

Manage your preferences

It’s 2024 — we know your inbox is full of endless promotional content. Enact Home now equips users to make their own email notifications with the Preference Center. Users can decide what email notifications they receive from Enact Home.

Enact Home offers users a big picture view of their solar investment. We send users email alerts when your system goes offline and when we contact your installer. Enact Home also shows you how your system is working for you through Monthly Reports.

At the end of the day, you deserve to control your notifications — Enact Home empowers users to make informed decisions. To find the Preference Center for current users, scroll to the bottom of the Enact Home menu.

Better monitoring coming soon

Coming soon, Enact is thrilled to release the Consumption Insights feature. Consumption Insights lets users directly link information from their Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) account with Enact Home.

This new feature will dramatically improve user experience with a 360 degree view of your energy experience. Enact Home is more than a solar monitoring platform — it’s a one-stop-shop.

By sharing your PG&E utility information with Enact Home, our platform can provide personalized insights and independent analysis. These insights can help you save money and lead a more sustainable life.

Our goal is to make energy easy to understand for solar homeowners.

Enact Home solar monitoring platform 2024

Why solar monitoring matters

Solar monitoring emerges as a critical aspect of solar ownership because it ensures optimal performance and longevity of your investment. At its core, monitoring offers homeowners transparency into the dynamics of their solar panels.

Monitoring empowers individuals to track solar energy generation, enabling them to gauge the efficiency of their system and make informed decisions. The Enact Home platform safeguards against potential issues through alerting homeowners to outages or inefficient performance. This proactive approach minimizes downtime but also helps homeowners maintain their investment for the long run.

Enact Home is the key to unlocking the full financial potential of a solar investment. It allows homeowners to accurately measure utility savings, track the payback period and visualize the percentage of their system paid off over time.

Enact found that over 50% of solar systems need maintenance in the first two years. Identifying unsatisfactory performance before it causes expensive problems is here.

Clean energy is both an environmental and financial investment, the insights provided by Enact Home are indispensable. It transforms solar ownership into an informed, empowered experience, ensuring that every ray of sunlight is harnessed to its fullest potential.

What makes Enact Home different?

Enact Home was created to give you a 360 degree view of your home energy experience. Our platform shows users more than their solar generation. Users can see their monthly savings, return on investment and energy consumption.

Now Enact Home users get Outage Reports and installer notifications to quickly identify and solve problems. Users can manage their notification preferences for the right monitoring experience. PG&E customers can now integrate their utility and solar information into the Enact platform for convenience.

Our goal is to show that solar homeowners have options. Yes, your inverter manufacturer may have a monitoring app — but Enact Home provides a wider picture for homeowners.

Enact Home was not developed by your inverter manufacturer. We are not affiliated with any manufacturer and offer independent, user-friendly solar monitoring for homeowners and businesses.

Enact Home is here to help users understand their solar energy system’s performance and health, as well as your holistic energy experience. To learn more about Enact Home, visit our page.

Written by David Bartle, Content Marketing Associate.
Edited by Shelly Littman, Marketing Manager.