3 Reasons to choose Enact

October 26, 2023

We make solar simple and offer choice and transparency.

Solar energy is expected to triple in the next five years. More and more homeowners, businesses and communities are turning to solar for clean, low cost energy. For homeowners, there are economic and environmental benefits to going solar. However, it’s a technical industry that can seem difficult to navigate.

Enact is a solar company based out of California that empowers homeowners through simplicity, choice and transparency. Our mission is to help households and businesses make the switch using our software platform.

Our dedicated teams create custom solar and storage designs for homeowners based on their home, budget and energy needs. We never sell oversized systems and we break down costs for our customers. Our consumer platform shows you the installation process and can help you care for your system over the years.

Who is Enact?

Enact is a solar software company that simplifies the solar process. Our team of in-house energy advisors design free custom solar proposals based on your home and energy usage.

After we find the right solar energy system or storage system for you, Enact is present at every step of the process, including roof inspection, the installation process and permitting

We use our own solar design software, that we sell to installation companies, to analyze your energy usage and your roof’s size, shade and environment. After we create a proposal just for you, our advisors talk with you about the design, potential options and the installation process.

Enact is a software company that serves clean energy consumers across the U.S. and in over 25 countries. We are not an installation company, but we work with trusted installer partners in your area. Because we’re not an installer we can offer you choice, transparency and simplicity.

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1.    We simplify your solar and storage journey

Solar energy systems can be a great addition to your home or property. These systems can save you money on monthly utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Storage batteries can also save you money and provide energy security. But there is a technical component.

With Enact, you don’t need to be an engineer or project manager to go solar. Enact’s dedicated team of professionals design the right solar system for your home. Then Enact coordinates the installation and permitting process, all while providing continued support and communication. You can see your solar progression on the Enact platform and watch as your custom design becomes a part of your life. The Enact Home solar monitoring app also does the work for you to show how your system is performing, how much you are saving and can identify potential maintenance issues. This way you don’t need to take time to compare utility bills, instead you can use Enact Home’s easy-to-understand graphics.

2.    Enact customers get a choice

Having choice is always a good thing. Enact provides our customers choice in their solar panel, inverter and battery. Our customers have access to a wide array of manufacturing brands, like Jinko Solar, Tesla or SunPower.

Many solar installers might have limited access and availability, but Enact finds the right equipment for your home and situation. Every home is different, every budget is different — so Enact creates custom solar designs for you.

After you schedule a free consultation, a home energy advisor will create a custom solar proposal for you to review. During your consultation, you can talk with your advisor about your preferences, energy usage and potential purchases — such as a future electric vehicle or electric appliances.

Once you like your proposal, Enact will create a purchase agreement with you and outline your solar journey. Similar to solar equipment, Enact customers have access to hundreds of purchasing options such as loans, leases or cash payments. You have the option to find financing with Enact, though most people find their own bank or financial service provider.

3.    Enact makes solar transparent

Throughout the solar installation process, Enact provides transparency and clarity. Enact empowers our customers to make the switch to solar without stress. As soon as you schedule a consultation, our home energy advisors will create the right system for your current or anticipated energy needs. We will never sell you an oversized solar system. Our advisors will work with you to find the right solar equipment and size for your situation.

Everyone values transparency in pricing, which is why we detail where your money is going. When you go solar with Enact, prices are broken down by equipment costs, labor costs and other costs. We’re not like a traditional solar provider that might provide a lump-sum cost with hidden fees.

During the process, the Enact platform will show your entire ownership journey — which includes your installation schedule and approvals. After installation, the Enact Home monitoring app can track live utility bill savings from your system and ongoing maintenance needs. For added transparency, you can compare your system’s actual performance with what you were promised.

Enact Home lets you understand your solar system’s performance, empowering you to know when to get maintenance. If your system goes offline, our platform will send you an email alert to let you know.

What do Enact’s customers have to say?

Meet Julie Mcfarland, a nurse of 50 years and San Jose homeowner. Julie decided to go solar after purchasing an electric car. Hear what Julie has to say about why she decided to purchase a solar panel system for her home and how Enact helped her.

Hooman Bamdad is another San Jose homeowner, born and raised in the Bay Area. Hooman said his experience with Enact was phenomenal throughout the solar installation process. Enact stood out to Hooman due to our proactive and responsive communication. Hear what Hooman said about his experience with Enact.



Have questions? Enact’s here to help!

Is Enact good for going solar?

Going solar through Enact can be a great way to simplify the process and get access to a wide array of solar equipment. Traditional solar providers may only have limited equipment and financing options, Enact offers hundreds of options. Plus we offer solar and storage monitoring through the Enact Home monitoring app.

Does Enact support customers post-installation?

Enact’s customer success team is here to help, our knowledgeable team can help:

  • Work with you to set up the Enact Home monitoring app with your system
  • Provide the IRS Investment Tax Credit form and copies of documents during the first tax season after installation
  • Act as a liaison between you and your installer in the event of maintenance or repair
  • Reach out if monitoring shows anomalous performance and help troubleshoot problems before reaching out to an installer
  • Transfer system to new homeowner, if you sell your home, and provide guidance including monitoring
  • Facilitate support if you want to expand your existing system to meet current needs or at a different location
  • Explain and educate how solar billing works and help determine if savings/production is on target from what was on the proposal before signing the contract


What’s solar monitoring?

Solar monitoring allows consumers to understand their system’s performance. The Enact Home monitoring app shows consumers their system’s energy and financial performances in a simple, aesthetic, easy-to-use app. You can see how much electricity your system produces, how much you’re saving each month and compare metrics across time. Read more about how Enact Home can help on our blog.

Can Enact help me with an EV charger?

Yes, Enact helps new and existing consumers install an electric vehicle charging station to their home. We can find the right EV charger for your home whether you have a solar system or not. That said, electric vehicles and solar energy are the perfect pair to reduce monthly costs and live more sustainably.

Can Enact help me get a storage battery?

Yes, Enact’s smart software can add storage batteries — or solar batteries — to your system based on your needs or preferences. Storage batteries can be a great way to make the most of your solar investment. Unused solar energy has to either be stored or sent to the grid. A storage battery lets you use your clean energy at night or during power outages.

Can I get a storage-only system?

Yes, Enact can help you get a storage battery for your home. While energy storage can be a great companion to solar, you can get a battery-only system to store electricity in case of power outages from storms or accidents. If you didn’t go solar through Enact but want a battery, Enact can work with your existing system.

Does Enact produce its own solar equipment?

No, Enact is not a solar panel, inverter or battery manufacturer. When you get an Enact custom proposal, you have access to a wide variety of solar panel makes and models — such as Jinko Solar, Tesla or other well known brands.

Enact, Enact Solar or Enact Systems?

We’re just Enact! We were previously Enact Systems, but rebranded to Enact for a more memorable, modern brand. New name, but the same company who has helped homeowners get custom solar proposals for the past nine years.

To learn more about how Enact can support your solar journey, schedule a free consultation with our experts


Written by David Bartle, content marketing associate.
Edited by Aisha Shaikh, product marketing manager.