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Real-time performance monitoring

Monitoring a solar system with our app allows you to track the performance of your solar panels. Seeing how much energy your system is generating and how much you are consuming, will help you optimize your energy use and save money on your electricity bills.

Remote access and control

With our solar monitoring app, you can access your solar system remotely and control it from anywhere. You can adjust settings, monitor solar energy production and even turn the system on or off — from any mobile device.

Sustainability and environmental impact

Solar System monitoring with Enact’s software promotes sustainability and reduces the environmental impact of your home’s energy use. By monitoring energy consumption and generation, you can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Historical performance analysis

Enact Home can provide historical data on your solar system’s energy production and usage, allowing you to track how your system has performed over time. This data can help identify trends and make informed decisions about future energy consumption and system upgrades.

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How to start?

We simplify solar ownership to help achieve your clean energy goals.

  1. Connect your data
  2. Generate insights
  3. Get help when you need it

Do not forget that you can connect with an Energy Expert to discuss your system, bills, upgrades or maintenance.

Enact solar monitoring app

Get better solar monitoring with Enact.

We simplify solar ownership to help achieve your
clean energy goals

The Enact Home app helps solar homeowners with common challenges.
Simplify Solar Savings

Simplify Solar Savings

We calculate your payback period based on “dollars saved.” We make it easy to measure savings and ROI for your solar investment.

Avoid Outages

Avoid Outages

Did you know that over 50% of solar systems need maintenance in the first two years? We monitor your solar system to avoid costly outages.

Measure System Health

Measure System Health

We’re the only solar monitoring app that allows you to compare “actual versus estimated” generation.

How does the Enact Solar Monitoring app works?

Solar monitoring software and app is designed to track and display real-time information about your solar power system’s performance.

It helps you monitor the energy generation, consumption, and other important parameters related to your solar panels.

Here’s a simplified overview of how Enact’s solar monitoring app works:

Avoid Outages

Solar Data Acquisition

Enact’s solar monitoring system collects data from various sources to provide comprehensive information. It can acquire data from the solar panels themselves, inverters, energy meters, weather APIs, and other relevant sources.

Solar Data Processing

Once the data is collected, it is processed and organized. Enact’s solar monitoring system uses algorithms to analyze the data and calculate important metrics such as solar energy production, energy consumption, and the system’s overall performance. It also consider factors like weather conditions, panel efficiency, and shading to provide accurate insights.

Powerful Friendly Interface

Our app displays information in the form of charts, graphs, numbers, and other visual representations, making it easy to understand and interpret the data.

Real-Time Monitoring

Our monitoring app continuously updates the data in real-time, allowing you to monitor the performance of your solar panels instantaneously. You can track metrics such as current energy production, historical trends, daily, monthly, and yearly energy generation, and even compare it to their energy consumption patterns.

Alerts and Solar Notifications

Receive notifications and alerts directly within the app and within our desktop solar monitoring software. For example, if the system experiences a significant drop in energy production or encounters a technical issue, Enact’s app will send an alert to your device. This helps you identify and address any problems promptly.

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