Understanding Your Solar System Performance with Enact Home

January 6, 2023

Solar energy is already the fastest growing and most affordable new source of electricity in the U.S., according to the Department of Energy. Currently, 8% of U.S. homeowners surveyed reported having solar panels installed on their property — which can expand due to the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

If you’re currently an owner of a solar home, you understand that solar can generate electricity and save you money. It can be complicated to figure out how much electricity your solar setup generates and how much savings you’re really seeing each month.

That’s okay — Enact Systems’ mission is to empower clean energy consumers. Enact Home provides you with the independent analysis and personalized recommendations to make the most of your solar energy and storage experience. We help homeowners monitor and understand their solar panel and storage battery performance.

If you don’t have a home solar setup installed, Enact Systems can create a custom proposal for your home and lets you choose from hundreds of options to make sure you are getting a customized system, just for you.

How can Enact Home help you?

Using our desktop platform, you can track solar electricity generation, financial outcomes and storage performance. You’ve made the solar investment so it’s important to make sure your solar setup works for your home or small business. We provide the trust and transparency that shows you things are going smoothly and offer insights when your system needs work.

Tracking Financial Outcomes & Solar Asset Performance

One of the benefits of installing solar for your home is that it can save you money. Using Enact Home, you can understand how much money your solar setup is saving you. Instead of waiting for your utility bill at the end of the month, solar homeowners have access to their savings in real time. Our digital platform displays both your estimated and actual utility bill savings using a colorful bar graph.

A homeowner’s utility bill savings is measured in a dollar amount based on how much money your solar setup takes from your electrical bill. You can then view a percentage comparison of actual savings over estimated savings.

Enact Home can also show you how much of your solar setup is paid off in a satisfying, visual format. Solar is a big investment so you should know your solar setup’s financial progress. We show you the cost of your setup, how much you’ve paid off in a dollar amount and as a percentage.

Users can understand how much they’ve paid off their solar system


Tracking Solar Generation

You are also able to see how much electricity your solar panels generate. Solar generation is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). Enact Home displays both actual and estimated solar generation on a colorful, easy-to-understand bar graph. Monitoring your solar panel’s energy generation is important because you paid for it with the knowledge that it would provide a certain amount of kilowatt hours. During the decision process, you probably looked at multiple solar panel products with different technical specifications. Enact Home ensures that you are getting the best from your solar product.

Enact Homeowners App users can visualize their solar setup’s estimated and actual solar generation.

Tracking Power Grid Consumption

The app also allows users to view how much energy your household or small business consumes from the electrical power grid. Unless you plan on going off the grid and have the technology to accomplish that, you will still rely on your area’s electrical power grid. If that’s the case, your solar panels and backup battery will lower your usage of the electrical grid and save money.

Enact Home displays a household’s usage of grid energy before and after going solar, as well as the estimated dependency on the electric grid. Users can view a color-coated line graph comparing pre-solar usage, after-solar usage and estimated usage of grid energy. As with solar generation, the measurement of grid consumption is in kilowatt hours (kWh). After going solar, your dependency on the grid should decrease throughout the year. If not, you’ll notice something is different. This might mean contacting the solar panel installer in your area who can help you determine what needs to be done to get you back on track.

You can see your home’s power grid consumption before solar, as well as the estimated and actual grid consumption during solar.


Power Flow

The power flow is the energy flow between the components of your solar system. Your solar system will include photovoltaic solar panels, your home and the power grid — but it might also include a backup battery, which stores unused energy for later usage.

The Enact Home will show you an animated flow direction between the components of the solar setup of your home. Above each section will be the power value, measured in kilowatts (kW). If your home solar setup does not include a component, such as a storage battery, its icon will be shown in grey with no connecting line to the powerflow. In the future, if you install a battery to store unused energy for power outages or at nighttime, it will appear within Enact Home’s power flow display.

For homeowners with a solar backup battery, your power flow display will show the real time state of charge inside the icon for your battery. Batteries can be expensive so it is important to track your asset’s performance to ensure it lives up to its warranty.

The power flow shows users how much power is flowing from their solar panel to home or grid in real time, as well as their solar battery’s state of charge


Other Metrics

Enact Home has other exciting and useful metrics for your home’s energy system and your wallet.

Users of our digital platform can see fun metrics such as:

– How much money you’ve saved since using the app

– How much green energy your solar setup has generated

– How many trees needed to offset the carbon emissions you’ve eliminated

– How many miles an electric vehicle could travel using your home’s solar system

These metrics are a great way to understand the lifetime of your solar system. It shows the money you’ve saved and clean energy you’ve generated to power your home. If you have an electric vehicle, you can see how many miles you’ve driven were powered by your home’s solar setup. Bonus points if you compare it to your electric vehicle’s odometer!

The lifetime contribution of your home’s solar setup.


How to use our app?

As mentioned earlier, Enact Systems’ digital platform is available on desktop!

You can get early access to our platform — including our mobile app — today by signing up on our website. We need your name and email address, after that you will get an email from us. We need your utility and solar data, which you can connect in a secure transfer. Enact Systems respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. We guarantee that Enact will never share, trade, sell, deliver, reveal or publicize your email address in any way.

Once you start your account, you can go to our website login or download the mobile app to your smartphone. From there it’s easy! You can scroll through the app and see graphs that visually display your solar generation, utility savings, power grid consumption and other key metrics.

Who should use Enact Home?

Enact Home is designed for people who own a solar home or solar powered business. If you already own a solar set up for home, you can connect your utility bill data to our system. It’s an easy, safe process that only takes three steps.

1. You securely share your electricity usage. It’s a free, one minute process that allows us to see your utility bills to show your solar performance.

2. We want to hear about your solar system. You can show us your solar installer’s contract or proposal over email to help us provide independent analysis.

3. You receive a solar scorecard based on your information. One of our energy experts will follow up with you and help you get started.

It only takes three, simple steps for you to better understand your home’s solar setup.

Not a solar owner, yet?

If you’re curious about solar and want to make the switch, get your free proposal today. Homeowners can receive a quote from our energy experts and after a conversation, we then use satellite technology to view your home and design a proposal tailored to your home. Enact connects you with local installers so you can choose the best installer, equipment and financing options for your situation. If you want to learn more about going solar, Enact can help accelerate your transition to solar energy.