How to get started with an Enact solar quote

July 14, 2023

Many consumers around the world are interested in clean energy, like solar. Solar panels can be added to your roof or property and — with a good storage battery — can power your home around the clock.

Solar is a great way to save thousands of dollars on utility bills and do your part to reduce carbon emissions. Solar panels can even increase your home value.

Solar may be complicated, but Enact simplifies solar and can help you through the entire process. You can get a free custom quote and solar design. Our home energy advisors use Enact’s solar software to create your perfect system, it’s the same software hundreds of installers use across the country.

Getting started with Enact

Enact is an end-to-end platform that helps homeowners receive custom solar energy systems. Getting started might seem confusing, but our home energy advisors simplify the process. We coordinate the entire process from start to finish.

If you’re interested in learning how solar can save you thousands on utility bills, schedule a call with our advisors. To get started, we need your name, contact information, address and a recent utility bill.

Using this information, the Enact platform uses accurate satellite imagery to design a custom solar system for your needs. When you start your consultation, we’ll show you a tailored system design and custom quote. Every system we sell is customized to our customer’s home.

What to expect from a consultation

A consultation is just a brief, friendly conversation with an Enact home energy advisor typically held over Zoom. After you provide personal and utility information, our advisors will create a custom proposal for you to discuss during the consultation.

During the consultation, homeowners discuss the quote, what’s included, technology and finance options. The consultation and custom quote are both free, you are under no obligation to pay until installation and potential home improvement projects are worked on. 

Enact’s comprehensive platform lets our advisors work with you to quickly find you a customized solar design. You can explore different system designs, brands and ask questions. Enact customers have access to a broad marketplace of solar panels, inverters and storage batteries. Most installers only carry a few brands.

Will someone come to my house?

Yes, a professional will survey your roof and electrical panel after you agree to move forward with your custom proposal. The professional will look to confirm design specifics, identify roof damage and evaluate your electrical panel.

The consultation and design are done remotely from our home energy advisors, who are able to view your home and property using satellite technology. Remotely, we are able to see crucial details, like roof slope, shade sources and determine space for solar panels.

Our home energy advisors and customer success teams will be your helping hand through the entire process — and are always a phone call, email or Zoom call away. 

Are remote consultations accurate?

Yes, solar services — like Enact — use satellite technology can accurately evaluate properties and create effective designs. Our satellite technology is advanced and goes beyond tools like Google Maps. Our advanced software can accurately view your roof, take measurements, identify shade sources and optimal sunlight zones.

Enact has helped thousands of homeowners and businesses go solar. We also sell our own design software to solar installation companies across the globe. Don’t just take our word for it, there are other companies that use remote technology to design accurate solar proposals.

Going beyond accuracy, there are numerous benefits to a remote consultation. We can evaluate your home without you being present which lets you take control and offers convenience. Our system delivers solar quotes and respects your time, energy, privacy and health.

And at the end of the day, if unexpected changes or expenses occur — you can back out. If your site surveyor determines you need a new roof, you can back out of your contract.

It’s time to go solar!

Solar prices have dramatically decreased in the past 20 years thanks to technology innovation and government incentives. Solar panels offer clean, low-cost energy that powers your home. Solar energy systems do pay for themselves over time and help you save money every month.

If you want to go solar, schedule a free consultation with our home energy advisors and receive a free custom quote. All we need from you is some basic contact information, your address and a recent utility bill. From there, you can get a personalized solar system to power your life.

Written by David Bartle, marketing associate

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