How It Works

Our software platform makes the entire solar buying process simple. Work with one of our independent energy experts to design your perfect solar system. We lock in the best price and connect you with the most qualified installer in your area.

01. Share Your Info

Share your location and electric billing information, so we can start tailoring a plan for you.

02. Envision your installation via 3D satellite imaging

Choose the right solar system design to maximize your outcome.

03. Choose the panels that are right for you

Multiple options for you to choose from.

04. Multiple finance options

We have multiple financing options to cater to every family.

05. Visibility through your installation process

Get regular updates every step of the way.

06. Track your savings and system performance

Compare results with your neighbors.

Our Blog

Powering Electric Vehicles with Solar: A Greener Drive Ahead

Powering Electric Vehicles with Solar: A Greener Drive Ahead

Solar can help electric vehicle (EV) owners save money and be more eco-friendly Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to American homeowners. Demand for electric cars has tripled in the past three years as many consumers want to reduce their carbon...

5 Benefits of a Custom Solar Design

5 Benefits of a Custom Solar Design

A custom solar design can be a great asset for your home. Solar energy is a great way to save money, reduce carbon emissions and provide energy security for your home. There are numerous benefits and Enact can help you go solar fast. You want the right solar system...

History of Battery Technology

History of Battery Technology

The evolution of home battery storage As the world embraces renewable energy sources there is a need for residential storage batteries. Storage batteries store unused electricity generated from your solar panels or from the electrical grid. Homeowners can get the most...