How to monitor your Solar System with Enact Home

May 11, 2023

Solar panel monitoring helps homeowners get the most out of their solar investment. After going solar, you don’t want to be in the dark about your system’s performance. Monitoring can help you identify and address issues with your solar panel system before they become major problems.

Enact Home is our solar monitoring platform that shows users their solar energy generation, utility savings, if their system is online and how their system pays for itself. This aligns with our mission to empower clean energy consumers with transparency. We help solar owners know their solar systems are working the way they were intended.

What is Enact Home?

Enact Home is our mobile and web application that provides solar and storage owners with independent analysis and personalized insights. We help homeowners monitor and understand their solar panel and storage battery performance.

Solar consumers with new or existing systems can see their solar generation and monthly savings. Enact Home shows the flow of power from your system to your home and the power grid. Homeowners or businesses with storage batteries can use Enact Home to view the current state of charge of their battery.

Whether you used Enact to go solar or already have solar panels installed, Enact Home works with all systems.

Understanding Enact Home features

Enact provides solar homeowners with independent analysis of their solar and storage system. Using Enact Home provides users with multiple metrics of system performance and health. Here are the key metrics we provide solar owners:

System Online / System Offline

Enact Home visually shows users their system status at the top of our home page. If your solar system goes offline, Enact Home automatically sends email alerts to users. This provides users with the time to troubleshoot problems or seek maintenance faster and make the most of their solar investment.

For added protection, Enact Home automatically alerts a local technician after an inverter has been unresponsive for 72 hours. By monitoring system status, homeowners can have confidence knowing their system is powering their home.

Percentage Paid Off

Investing in solar panels can be a big decision for households and businesses alike. We understand that it’s important to see the value in this investment and the savings it can bring over time.

The Percentage Paid Off meter shows users how their solar system pays for itself. The feature uses monthly savings to determine the percentage of your system that is paid off and an estimate of when it will pay for itself.

Solar generation

Users can track and monitor their solar panels’ electricity generation, measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). Enact Home visually displays both actual and estimated solar generation in an easy-to-understand graph. This equips solar owners to know if their solar panels are performing as expected.

Utility Savings

Enact Home provides users with the ability to track utility bill savings from solar. Users can see how much savings they’ve made each month. Our easy-to-understand display provides users their actual and estimated solar savings.

What about energy storage?

Enact Home can help with energy storage. One of the main benefits of Enact Home is that it provides real-time data on your state of charge and power flow. This data can be used to optimize energy storage batteries and ensure that excess solar energy is stored for later use when energy demand is high or when solar generation is low.

Why do I need to monitor my solar panels?

Monitoring your solar system allows you to track your solar panels’ performance and savings. Solar monitoring also identifies problems when the panels are not generating energy. Solar energy is an investment and you want to know your solar panels are performing. Solar monitoring helps homeowners make informed decisions and seek maintenance help faster, maximizing their return on investment.

Enact Home provides many benefits for homeowners with residential or commercial solar panels. Our platform offers real-time monitoring of your solar panels and enables you to keep track of energy generation and consumption. Users can see their system status using information from your solar inverter. When your system goes offline, Enact Home automatically sends email alerts. After 72 hours of being offline, Enact Home automatically alerts a local installer.

How to get Enact Home

Enact Home is for solar owners to better understand their system’s performance and health. Whether you own solar for your household or business, you can get access to our platform by signing up on our website. Getting an Enact Home account is an easy process. We just need your name and email address and after completing a simple form, you can create an account on our website.

Once you’ve created your account, you can go to our Enact for Consumers page and login using the Homeowners Login portal. After that it’s easy — you can scroll through the platform and see key graphs. Our visual displays show your solar energy generation, actual utility savings, estimated utility savings, power grid consumption and other metrics.