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October 8, 2023

Learn how our solar solutions platform Enact for Installers can help your business

Are you ready to take your solar and storage business to the next level? Look no further than Enact for Installers, the next-generation solar design and sales platform that’s transforming the industry.

Whether you’re a seasoned installer or just stepping into the solar market, Enact has the tools and features to streamline your operations, boost sales, and provide exceptional service to your customers.

What is Enact for Installers?

Enact for Installers is a solar design and sales platform that helps installation professionals throughout the solar and storage journey. Our all-in-one cloud platform provides remote design using accurate satellite imagery, generates proposals with detailed pricing and emerging analytics and enables seamless project management.

The Enact platform works with residential and commercial solar projects, with or without energy storage. You can design rooftop or ground-mounted solar systems using a multitude of solar panel, inverter and battery manufacturers.

Our solar platform is available to installers across the U.S. and in over 25 other countries. From the Bay Area to the East Coast and beyond, Enact can benefit your business and help expand your solar and storage business.

Did you know Enact has offices in München, Germany and Dubai, UAE? Learn what we do in the UAE.

New Features Coming This Fall

At RE+ 2023 in Las Vegas, Enact presented new Enact for Installers features to solar professionals from around the world. The Enact software platform is transforming how solar and storage projects are designed, deployed and managed.

Since 2014, Enact has progressively increased the capabilities of our solar and storage platform. Our newest features better enable installers to design, price, sell and track projects — seriously improving the ease of workflow for your team.

Auto-detect roof height, pitch & azimuth

Enact for Installers includes an auto-detect tool that determines roof height, roof pitch (or slope) and the solar azimuth angle. Our smart solar platform can help you save time and create systems faster with this automatic feature.

On screen summary

As you design a custom solar design for your customers, Enact’s platform displays an on screen summary with critical generation figures. Enact for Installers automatically updates this summary and it is always displayed on your screen for your convenience.

Summarized figures include the kWp size, kWh generation, percentage offset and kWh storage. This information can speed up the process and help you understand your system design’s capabilities.

Auto-detect chimney height & tree height

Our auto-detect tool can accurately determine the height of chimneys and trees so you can design the right system for your customer. Automatically detecting the height of potential obstacles can save time and let you design systems in minutes

Accurate shading

Enact for Installers helps solar professionals design systems that meet customer needs. Our solar platform includes an accurate shading tool that works across many geolocations. Don’t let unexpected shading deter from your customer’s system and use Enact.

Storage modeling

Energy storage naturally goes with solar energy. Storage batteries help homeowners get the most out of their solar investment and provide additional benefits. Enact for Installers does more than solar and helps design systems with battery storage. Installers can use our modeling feature with self-consumption and time-based discharge modes.

Did you know the solar-plus-storage payback period in California is less than solar-only systems due to NEM 3.0?

Extensive data visualization

Our solar software empowers installers and can show your customers the benefits of solar. Our data visualization tools can display the source of consumption, load analysis, energy offset by solar, the cost of doing nothing, the amount of utility bills offset by going solar and the changes in average monthly bills. Improve your customer satisfaction and use real life data to show how your customers are making a difference.

Finance integration

Enact for Installers combines solar design, sales and finance into one platform. Installers can get loan offers, payment estimates and receive loan status updates through GoodLeap on the Enact platform. Enact is more than a design tool and can help you across the solar sales journey.

Manage documents with DocuSign

Enact for Installers is more than a solar design and sales platform, our software generates proposals and uses DocuSign to manage important documents. Generate customer ready proposals that can be signed and managed online.

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The Enact Advantage: solar solutions for installers

The Enact platform enables solar sales teams across the world to design, price, sell and manage projects remotely. Plus installers can finalize contracts and track projects from end to end. Enact for Installers works across the market with different panel, inverter and battery manufacturers.

Our innovative solar design tool speeds up the sales process and project execution. Enact for Installers allows you to streamline your operations, automate the sales process and provide custom quotes. You can get all of this in a one-stop shop, cutting down the sales process.

A global solar design & sales software

Yes, Enact is based in the Bay Area but we have offices in Colorado, Florida, Germany and the UAE. Our platform empowers solar and storage installation companies in over 25 countries across continents for both residential and commercial projects. If your solar business is based outside the U.S. — Schedule a free demo with the Enact team and grow your business.

Other ways Enact can help your solar business

Solar Design as a Service

This year, Enact also announced our new Design as a Service (DaaS) capabilities. Our global team of in-house designers can create a solar proposal that is ready for your customer within 24 hours.

Whether your team is too busy or needs a custom proposal ASAP — Enact can help your solar business create fast proposals. Not only can Enact create an initial design, but our NABCEP-certified designers offer ongoing support for any edits or changes needed to make your customers satisfied.

Solar installers get full access to our design experts that can handle any custom design. Go to our Proposal Design as a Service page to get fast, accurate proposals. To get started, we need your contact information, project address and a copy of the project’s latest utility bill.

Our in-house experts will create a custom design tailored to your customer within 24-hours. Our team works around the clock across three different continents to meet your customers’ needs. It’s that easy — To learn more about how Enact can create accurate proposals, visit our blog.

Understand California’s residential solar market

Enact carefully conducted a consumer insights survey of California solar homeowners in 2022. Our research offers solar installers essential insights into the solar, storage and monitoring experiences and behaviors of consumers. The survey was created by our in-house marketing team and administered online to over 480 participants.

California is still America’s largest residential solar market by installations. Understanding California consumers is essential for solar and storage businesses trying to increase sales, improve customer experience or expand in the Golden State. Our report outlines key behaviors, attitudes, experiences and insights for solar and storage sales and installation professionals.

A key insight found higher-cost systems, worth over $25,000, are more likely to require maintenance. Another insight reported higher income participants expressed increased interest in solar monitoring apps — like Enact Home — and desired frequent notifications. While “saving money” is a primary motivation for solar consumers, higher-income participants also considered grid independence and environmental factors. Lastly, Enact found satisfaction with installers and monitoring apps was high and over 80% of respondents would refer others to their installer for financial incentives.

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