Optimize your solar installation business with the Installer Insider Program

April 19, 2024

Enact is proud to launch the Insider Partner Program to further accelerate solar and storage installation businesses across the U.S. The new program provides qualified solar installers with signed projects, joint marketing, pre-sales support, advanced training and support across California and the U.S.

As a software platform for commercial and residential solar projects, our mission is to transform the design and sales process for installers. Our commitment is shown through the Enact Installer Platform, increasing the speed and efficiency of operations — from proposal design to long-term project management.

The Insider Partner Program offers installers key advantages. As part of the program, Enact’s solar design team will schedule consultations and present customized proposals from the Enact platform. The Insider Partner Program can increase the speed of solar projects and help our partners grow faster.

Applications for the program are open to eligible solar installers in all 50 states. Insider partners are required to provide proper licensing certifications and maintain a Better Business Bureau directory listing.

What is the Insider Partner Program?

The Enact Insider Partner Program is a strategic initiative to assist qualifying partner installation businesses in enhancing their solar and storage operations through Enact’s comprehensive software platform. This program offers a range of benefits aimed at facilitating growth and efficiency within partner businesses, including access to strategic partnerships, pre-sales support, joint marketing opportunities, advanced training and ongoing support.

Participants in the program leverage Enact’s robust software platform for various functions such as design, sales and project management. Additionally, the program aims to meet the needs of solar and energy storage customers by providing personalized insights into their systems through the Enact Home monitoring app, ensuring optimal performance and recommendations for optimization.

The Enact Insider Partner Program for solar installers can optimize your business

What are the benefits of the Insider Partner Program?

The Insider Partner Program offers a comprehensive array of benefits tailored to support solar installation businesses in enhancing their solar and storage operations. Highly rated partners enrolled in the program can gain access to signed solar projects facilitated by Enact, enabling them to grow their solar businesses and streamline their operations efficiently.

The program fosters a cost-efficient and transparent solar process, benefiting both partners and customers alike. Partners also gain access to Enact’s platform for solar design and project management, further boosting their productivity and effectiveness. Strategic partnerships forged through the program enable partners to expand their sales channels and gain access to exclusive incentives and rewards. Overall, the Insider Partner Program aims to facilitate growth, efficiency and success for partner installation businesses, while simultaneously meeting the evolving needs of solar and energy storage customers.

Join the Enact Insider Partner Program and get access to:

  • Solar deals with our dedicated team to help support your business
  • The Enact 3D solar design tool
  • Access to pricing information, sales, training and webinars
  • The powerful Enact Home solar monitoring platform for installers and end-customers
  • Direct in-house support from Enact’s knowledgeable team
  • Personalized branding and logos

Get access to Enact Home for installers

Enact Insiders receive access to Enact Home, our solar monitoring platform, to gain insights on customer experience and success after installation. Enact Home aids installers by offering multiple key features that manage customer success, automate referrals for business growth and receive fast outage reports for proactive maintenance.

Enact Home empowers installers to offer better service, build stronger relationships with customers and grow their business by optimizing system performance and addressing issues promptly.

What Enact Home features benefit Insiders?

Enact Insiders gain access to essential business insights through Enact Home. The key Insider Partner Program benefits include:

  • Monitor your fleet: Utilize Fleetview to track the performance of your customers’ systems and gain precise insights into energy generation, savings and payback periods.
  • Expedite customer assistance: Receive automated Outage Reports when a customer’s system has been inactive for 72 hours, preventing potential utility bill issues.
  • Automate and track referrals: Monitor referrals to expand your business through positive customer recommendations.
  • Brand your platform: Customize Enact Home with your brand identity to enhance your appeal to consumers and differentiate your services.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction: Improve solar monitoring to ensure your customers are delighted with their solar experience.

Offer your customers better solar monitoring

Enact Insiders can provide their customers with an improved solar monitoring platform through Enact Home. Enact Home offers end-users an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-understand platform that tracks energy generation, financial savings, return on investment, energy consumption and other key insights into their energy usage. Our solar monitoring platform works with solar panels and storage batteries, offering customers a holistic view of their system.

Solar can be an investment for homeowners. Enact Insiders can rise above your competition and make sure your customers know they’re getting the most out of that investment. Better serve your customers with an improved solar experience after installation.

Enact Solar Insider Partner Program for California solar installers

How much is Insider Partner Program membership?

There is no cost to become a member of the Insider Partner Program. Solar and energy storage installers need to apply to join the program and gain access to accelerated business growth. Your business can receive the many benefits of being an Enact Insider without paying a membership fee, premium or subscription.

Do I need to be an existing Enact partner to get access?

You do not need to be an existing Enact Preferred Installer Partner to join the Insider Partner Program. All solar and energy storage installers in the United States are able to apply for the partner program.

How can I join the Insider Partner Program?

Solar and energy storage installers in the United States can apply for Enact’s Insider Partner Program on our program page. Applications opened on Wednesday, March 13 and will remain available. To get started on your application, installers will need to answer a few questions about your business and upload a copy of your Certificate of Insurance (COI), Business License or Contractors License. After you submit your application, Enact will quickly evaluate your business eligibility with our criteria to help you move forward.

Written by David Bartle, Content Marketing Associate
Edited by Kelly Clonan, Senior Marketing Manager