Enact launches Insider Partner Program to accelerate solar and storage services for installers

March 13, 2024

The Partner Program is designed for U.S. partner installers to grow and streamline their solar and storage business with signed solar projects using Enact’s all-in-one software platform

PLEASANTON, Calif., March 13, 2024 — Enact Solar, the award-winning intelligent digital platform revolutionizing the way solar and energy storage projects are planned, implemented and overseen, has launched its Insider Partner Program, to further streamline and simplify their partners’ solar and storage businesses by providing signed solar projects while using Enact’s all-in-one software platform.

As a true two-sided platform, Enact not only helps customers purchase solar and storage systems but also helps solar installers with the all-in-one cloud software platform to design and manage projects. With over 3 million solar installations in the United States already, the installation process remains cumbersome and often lacks speed and transparency.

The robust Insider Partner Program also offers awareness and brand building through joint marketing, pre-sales support, advanced training and support within local communities, in addition to boosting partner design, sales, asset and project management capabilities through the Enact design software platform.

The new Partner Program succeeds Enact’s major upgrade to its solar design software in November 2023, aimed at enhancing the productivity of solar installers. Moreover, Enact introduced the next-generation solar design and sales platform, Enact for Installers, in October 2023 offering innovative features like auto-detect tools, on-screen summaries, accurate shading analysis, storage modeling, extensive data visualization, finance integration and document management with DocuSign. Enact’s global presence and Solar Design as a Service (DaaS) capabilities further support solar businesses.

 “Our newly launched Insider Partner Program is designed to help installers grow and build their solar business while meeting the requirements of their solar and energy customers, through providing a cost efficient, transparent and simplified solar process,” said Deep Chakraborty, CEO and Co-Founder at Enact.

“Solar energy will proliferate in California in 2024, particularly in light of the PG&E hikes that came into force on January 1, and this has only strengthened our commitment to provide sales solutions and support for our partners to serve their customers.”

“Enact has been instrumental in expanding my business, facilitating signed solar projects for my team. With their comprehensive services in sales, marketing, and customer support, I can focus on delivering top-notch solar installations. They serve as my go-to resource for all my solar project requirements, and the launch of their Insider Partner Program will only help streamline the process and enable growth at Bright Energy,” said Joseph Nelson, President at Bright Energy Solar.

Learn how Enact can help solar installers grow and scale their business by visiting and applying at the Insider Partner Program page.