Enact Solar now at Livermore Walmart

April 1, 2024
Enact Solar is excited to announce our partnership with the Livermore Walmart, which will make the solar journey more convenient for homeowners. Enact’s team will now assist California homeowners at the Livermore Walmart location with a live consultation on solar.

Homeowners who shop at Walmart will find Enact Solar’s friendly team of advisors on site. Homeowners can get on-site consultations on designs for residential solar and storage battery projects.

Our mission is to simplify the solar purchasing process for homeowners through our intelligent solar software. Enact Solar connects homeowners with custom solar panel systems, designed for their home and energy needs. Walmart customers can now get custom solar proposals at Enact Solar’s showroom, making going solar more convenient for homeowners in Alameda County.

Enact’s platform is a trusted advisor for the consumer solar journey. Enact’s customer journey is powered by our advanced software platform that has remote design capabilities, open to all manufacturers that increases choice and offers pierce transparency for homeowners in Livermore. Enact also offers a consumer app which measures — for the first time — solar savings live in dollars.

Once we find the right custom system for your home, Enact connects homeowners with a top local installer. Enact’s Insider Partner network of trusted installers — which is growing rapidly in the East Bay region — now have access to more projects organized through Enact’s platform.

How our partnership helps homeowners in Livermore

How our partnership helps homeowners in Livermore

Homeowners in the Bay Area are busy and things fall through the cracks. By bringing our team and expertise inside a Walmart store, Enact Solar meets homeowners where they’re at — which can make going solar more convenient and make a positive impact for the Livermore community.

From a free custom quote to post-installation monitoring, Enact is here to simplify solar for homeowners. Our team strives to make the solar journey simple, transparent and convenient through our cutting edge software platform. The exciting partnership with Walmart is no exception to our commitment to homeowners.

At Enact’s showroom at the front of the Livermore Walmart, shoppers will be greeted by our friendly team. Our advisors are there to help you get connected with Enact’s specialized process. After talking with our team, shoppers can get connected with an energy advisor for a free consultation and get a custom solar quote.

Going solar is an investment and it can be scary for some homeowners. Homeowners can come to Walmart and ask questions and learn more about going solar and the benefits of a custom solar panel system.

How Enact empowers California homeowners

Enact is a solar company based in the Bay Area that simplifies the entire solar process for California homeowners. Our team of home energy advisors create custom solar proposals for homeowners, designed specifically for their home and energy needs on the Enact software platform.

Once you find the right system for your home, Enact connects with a trusted local installer in the Livermore area for installation. Throughout the entire installation process, Enact will keep you informed every step of the way through email notifications.

An Enact custom solar proposal not only outlines the equipment and amount you need to go solar but forecasts energy generation and financial savings over the course of the warranty period.

Using satellite imagery of your roof and a copy of your latest utility bill, Enact can create a customized solar panel system for your home. We can also design systems with storage batteries and for electric vehicle (EV) owners.

Enact deeply values transparency and choice — our customers will never see hidden costs or junk fees throughout the entire purchase process. Additionally, Enact customers get a choice in their solar and storage equipment and financing options.

After installation, homeowners have access to the Enact Home solar monitoring platform. Solar monitoring is an essential part of the solar journey, helping homeowners understand their system performance and improve the longevity of their system.

Enact Solar team of advisors to help Livermore homeowners go solar

What about NEM 3.0?

Enact is a California solar company based in the Bay Area — we understand California’s residential market and the impact of NEM 3.0 on solar. While NEM 3.0 slashed the export rates for solar owners in California — solar is still worth the investment for Californians under the new policy.

There are four main reasons why home solar continues to benefit homeowners:

  • Californians pay high electricity costs and for PG&E customers in Livermore, these prices have risen dramatically. A home solar panel system can offset these high costs and reduce monthly expenses.
  • NEM 3.0 incentivizes the adoption of storage batteries with rooftop solar panels. Homeowners with a solar-plus-storage system see additional savings and can see slightly shorter payback periods.
  • The prices of solar equipment are dropping — which can lower the total cost of going solar. Lower costs mean a faster return on investment.
  • Government incentives — like the Solar Investment Tax Credit and California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program — help homeowners alleviate the cost of going solar.

Hear from Enact customers in the Bay Area

Start your solar journey with Enact

Enact makes it simple and hassle-free to go solar. Our experienced home energy advisors will work closely with you to design a customized solar system.

From the initial consultation to the final installation, Enact guides you through every step of the process. With our solar monitoring app, you can track your system’s performance and energy savings effortlessly.

You can have your personalized solar and storage system, ready to power your home sustainably for years to come. If you can’t join Enact at the Livermore Walmart over the next six months, homeowners can always schedule a free consultation to receive a custom quote.


Written by David Bartle, content marketing associate

Edited by Senior Marketing Manager Shelly Littman