Enact at WETEX 2023 in Dubai: A Spotlight on Solar Energy

November 13, 2023

The UAE is an increasingly important market for residential and commercial solar, catch Enact in Dubai and see how we drive growth

Solar energy and energy storage have empowered people around the world to live more sustainably. Enact’s mission is to accelerate the transition to clean energy through our award-winning solar and storage platform.

We support solar installation companies through our all-in-one, end-to-end software. Solar installers can use the Enact for Installers platform to generate designs and proposals, manage documents and execute projects. All this in one place which cuts time and streamlines operations. 

Enact has been in the United Arab Emirates for several years, with our international sales office in Dubai. As part of our commitment to the Emirates’ transition to clean energy, we are proud to attend WETEX 2023 and Dubai Solar Show, from 15-17 November at the Dubai World Trade Center. 

The main event for solar energy in the Middle East

Enact looks forward to attending one of the most important events of the year for solar energy and sustainability in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region: WETEX 2023 and Dubai Solar Show. Solar energy and sustainability professionals from the region can find Enact at the Dubai World Trade Center and hear about the Enact platform.

Consistent with how Enact values clean energy solutions, we are excited to showcase our commitment to solar energy innovation, engage with industry leaders and present our cutting-edge solar solutions to an audience of thousands of businesses. The Enact platform is a global leader in solar and energy storage software.

The 25th edition of WETEX and Dubai Solar Show — organized by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) — is a major event in the global sustainability calendar. The event is the largest in the region for energy, water, green development, sustainability and related sectors. WETEX is also one of the largest specialized exhibitions of its kind in the world.

Together this makes WETEX an ideal moment for global organizations like Enact to present their latest solutions, products and innovation. It is also an ideal opportunity to learn about innovative technologies from around the world in various renewable energy sectors, such as green mobility, sustainable development, smart cities and many others.

These initiatives contribute to advancing climate action and consolidate Dubai’s position as a global hub for the green economy. Accelerating the energy transition, and aligning with Dubai’s Clean Energy Strategy 2050 and Net Zero Carbon Emissions Strategy, aiming for 100% clean energy by 2050.

Enact for solar installers at WETEX & Dubai Solar Show

Solar installers at WETEX will have the chance to discover how their businesses can benefit from Enact leading solar software, studied to provide solar design, proposals and monitoring solutions to both residential and commercial projects. Our solar design software supports installers to automate designs, proposals and project management already in over 25 countries. 

Our goal is to simplify the design process with features like auto-detection of roof parameters, accurate shading tools, auto-detect chimney height and tree height. The next generation of solar sales, design and implementation is here through the Enact for Installers platform.

Together with Enact installers software we offer two innovative key services for clean energy adoption: Enact Home App and Proposal Design as a Service. Both are available in the Middle East and are already used by our partners to succeed in the competitive energy market which has been witnessing rapid growth in recent years, with the expectation of continuing to grow unabated.

Enact key solutions on display:

  • Solar Installer Design tool: our latest software enables leading MENA and global solar companies to streamline operations, accelerate the sales process and provide complete proposals for residential and commercial projects, totally remotely and for thousands of customers. Enact next-generation tool provides a complete cloud solution for remote designing using accurate satellite imagery to create custom solar designs in minutes for your customers, with accurate satellite imagery and auto-detection tools that determine roof height, roof pitch and the solar azimuth angle.
  • Enact Home App: Our solar monitoring software enables consumers to track daily and monthly savings, improving overall transparency of the solar experience.
  • Proposal Design as a Service: Enact global team of expert designers will provide you with a complete solar proposal including an accurate design of the project in only 24 hours. The DaaS offering supports installers step by step to deliver professional solar proposals for their residential and commercial clients. Our team of energy experts ensures a perfect match between your vision and the final product by creating a comprehensive proposal.

Enact collaborations and partnerships at the show

Enact commitment to building partnerships aligns with the collaborative spirit of WETEX, creating a synergistic platform for driving positive change in the landscape of sustainable technologies. Our participation at the show is a precious opportunity to meet our partners in the region such as Sharaf DG and Cummins and to forge impactful new collaborations within the energy industry. We invite future collaborations and partnerships, both at WETEX and beyond.

Dubai Solar Show provides a dynamic environment where Enact can engage with leading solar installers from all around the world, industry leaders, and like-minded organizations. Essential collaboration for fostering innovation and addressing complex challenges in solar energy and environmental sustainability.

You can also find Enact at COP28 and BIG5 Show

The 2023 WETEX show is gaining significant attention from the global renewable energy community. Its vision is aligned with the United Arab Emirates’ “Year of Sustainability.” In that spirit, you can catch Enact not only at WETEX but also at COP28 and the BIG5 Show in the UAE. Enact is committed to growing solar and storage business in the Emirates. 

Anticipated to draw an exceptional crowd, this coincides with the country’s preparations to host COP28 by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change at Dubai Expo City in December. The event is expected to attract a multitude of leaders, experts and researchers specializing in clean and renewable energy from all the countries in the world.

At Enact we are proud to attend the COP28 and share our innovative mission to accelerate clean energy globally, through empowering businesses and individuals with custom solar designs and a solar monitoring app. 

Enact supports thousands of consumers who decided to go solar in over 25 countries, including the UAE, where Enact helps homeowners, commercial and corporate organizations.

In conjunction with COP28, we are excited to exhibit at the BIG5 show in Dubai to network, innovate, and drive construction towards net-zero and digital excellence. We can’t wait to engage with leading construction companies from around the world to introduce our solar solutions designed to innovate the industry and simplify the adoption of clean energy.

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Written by Manuel Tribolati, international marketing associate

Edited by David Bartle, content marketing associate