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Enact for Homes

Our solar platform allows homeowners to track their overall savings, as well as solar energy production and overall system health. Quickly address any problems with offline alerts.

Receive monthly reports to ensure your solar system is operating at peak efficiency and connect with an energy expert for help with operating or upgrading your system.  Free cloud-based storage included for all solar and storage documents. 

Enact for Commercial Property

Streamline and Maximize Energy Efficiency.

With Enact, commercial and industrial businesses receive a consultative approach to their energy needs. On-site professionals provide a seamless energy analysis to manage their solar energy transition and track financial outcomes.

Enact’s Consumer App tracks project savings and ROI outcomes, as well as system health and our Customer Success are on looking out for your ongoing asset needs.

Trusted by homeowners around the globe.

“Wir nutzen Enacts Plattform und Auslegungsservices seit mittlerweile mehr als einem Jahr. Die Präzision und Geschwindigkeit ihrer Lösungen mit tausenden für unser Team erstellten Auslegungen haben einen sehr positiven Einfluss auf unser Geschäft gehabt”, David Wolf, Geschäftsführer und Mitbegründer der SolarHub GmbH”
SolarHub GmbH,
“We have 2 solar systems systems - Tesla and Enact Systems. The one my Tesla is under-delivering by about 20% in generation, the main one by Enact is on the money 4 years later. If you go with Tesla, make sure they do it on site detailed inspection taken into account things like trees and shades.”
Homeowner, Castlewood, CA,
“I have experienced three installations and this was the best. They also gave the best quotation amongst 3 vendors and have been the best post installation support experience as well. Go for it!”
Homeowner Fremont
“Enact's platform made it simple for me on both the front and back end. I didn't have to do much legwork on my own to see what program I should get on, the numbers, or the critical information that I needed.”
Homeowner Fremont
“ENACT Shows new information to me. I like the fact it shows me estimated generation versus actual generation. I found the power and energy presentation really easy to understand.”
Homeowner 46 San Rafael

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Is solar still worth it for homeowners under NEM 3.0?

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Enact reveals the new features at Key Expo 2024

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