Enact Solar Joins the German Solar Energy Society (DSG e.V.): A New Chapter in Germany’s Solar Journey

May 30, 2024

Germany, a stalwart in renewable energy adoption, continues to spearhead the European solar movement with its steadfast commitment to sustainability. In an exciting development, Enact Solar is proud to announce its official membership in the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Solarenergie e.V. (German Solar Energy Society), a prestigious organization dedicated to advancing solar energy in Germany. Enact offers an all-in-one cloud platform for solar and energy storage installers that revolutionizes the design and sales process. Installers in Germany and Europe can use the Enact Installer Platform to generate fast, accurate custom sales proposals.

Unlocking Solar Potential for German Businesses

Enact’s presence in the German solar landscape marks a significant milestone in the country’s renewable energy journey. With tailored features designed specifically for the German market, Enact empowers local installers to navigate complexities, streamline operations and capitalize on the burgeoning demand for solar solutions. Installers can now deliver fast, accurate solar proposals using our platform’s new German language interface.

Enact’s membership into DSG e.V. and presence at Intersolar Europe 2024 is a part of our broader commitment to German and European solar markets. This past March, Enact announced a significant update to our software aimed at optimizing the installer experience in Europe. The Enact Installer Platform supports planning for east-west facing PV panels, a German-language interface and special financing options for European markets.

Additionally, our update included new features, such as automated height detection of roofs, chimneys, obstacles and trees. This enhances planning accuracy and performing shade analysis. Installers can also see hourly simulations of solar and storage charging cycles, create custom contracts with e-signatures and dynamic pricing data to accelerate the sales process.

In the past year, Enact has expanded its commitment to target European markets, such as Germany, Italy and the UK. We work with installers in over 35 countries around the world and are committed to improving the installer experience with our all-in-one cloud software.

Catch Enact at Intersolar Europe in Munich

Enact is thrilled to announce its participation in the Intersolar Europe exhibition, scheduled for June 19-21 in the Messe München in Hall C4, Stand 190.

Intersolar Europe 2024 will be one of the largest clean energy events in Europe for solar and energy storage professionals. The event promises an exciting opportunity for attendees interested in the latest advancements in solar technology, including the Enact Installer Platform. Attendees can discover how Enact is poised to accelerate solar installer operations across Germany with our cutting-edge solar design software.

Enact Solar will exhibit at Intersolar Europe 2024 in Hall C4, Stand 190

Enact Solar’s Stand 190 is located in Hall C4, highlighted in blue and shown on the Intersolar Europe 2024 floor map.

Join our team at the Enact Informational Session

Join the Enact team for an exclusive info session on Thursday, June 20, from 3 – 5 p.m. CEST at Intersolar Europe 2024. The session will be located at Enact’s Stand C4.190. Enjoy complimentary German beer, soft drinks and snacks as you network with the Enact team and fellow solar professionals from around Europe.

Enact’s leadership team will show how Enact’s solar design platform develops proposals, profitability calculations and 3D planning in five minutes. The informational session will include a live demonstration of the Enact Installer Platform’s ability to generate rapid, accurate custom residential, commercial and industrial proposals. The Enact platform equips installers to create custom proposals with solar panels and energy storage options. Attendees will gain cutting-edge insights into the latest advancements in our platform, which has recently been updated to better serve the German market.

All attendees who register through Eventbrite or book a demo will receive a free ticket to Intersolar Europe 2024. RSVP now to secure your spot and be at the forefront of solar innovation.

What to Expect at Enact’s Booth

  • Drinks and Snacks: Enjoy complimentary snacks and refreshments with the Enact team and fellow solar professionals.
  • Cutting-Edge Insights: Gain insights into how Enact’s platform can streamline your operations, improve accuracy and boost your sales.
  • Live Demonstrations: See firsthand how Enact’s innovative tools and features can transform your approach to solar and storage project proposals and execution.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with the Enact team and other solar professionals, share experiences and build valuable relationships.

Why Choose Enact for Your Solar Projects in Germany

Why Choose Enact for Your Solar Projects in Germany

The Enact Installer platform is revolutionizing the solar installation process for German installers, significantly simplifying their journey from project inception to completion. As Germany witnesses a surge in solar and energy storage adoption, Enact stands out by offering a comprehensive, one-stop-shop platform designed to meet the specific needs of this burgeoning market. By streamlining every phase of the solar project—design, proposal, installation and project management — Enact for Installers is an indispensable tool for businesses striving to keep pace with the increasing demand for solar energy solutions.

One of the standout benefits of Enact for Installers is its ability to enhance operational efficiency. The platform’s tailored features are optimized for the German market, ensuring compatibility with local measurement systems and allowing users to integrate energy supplier tariffs and pricing into their proposals. This localization helps installers deliver fast, accurate and compelling proposals to their customers, showcasing the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy. By automating designs and streamlining proposals, installers can save valuable time and resources, which translates to the ability to take on more projects and, consequently, increase their revenue.

Enact for Installers also includes advanced solar design software features that cater to the unique demands of the German market. For instance, the platform offers automated roof analysis, precision shading tools and the ability to detect obstacles such as trees and other site-specific elements. These capabilities ensure that installers can create optimal solar solutions tailored to their clients’ needs. The inclusion of storage optimization tools further empowers installers to predict future savings and determine the best energy storage options, enhancing the overall value proposition for their customers.

The platform’s new user interface is designed for ease of use, enabling installers to navigate through critical design parameters effortlessly. Features like Street View, design tools and properties are easily accessible, making the proposal customization process straightforward. With multiple pricing templates tailored for the German market, dynamic data comparisons and e-signature capabilities, installers can close contracts efficiently and effectively.

Supporting Germany’s Renewable Energy Ambitions

As Germany sets ambitious targets for renewable energy adoption, Enact stands ready to support businesses in achieving their sustainability goals. The Enact platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance operational efficiency, reduce site visit times and optimize sales strategies, positioning German installers as leaders in the country’s thriving solar industry.

Enact membership in DGS e.V. underscores our commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the German solar sector. Together, we aim to unlock new opportunities and drive the future of renewable energy.

For more information about our participation in the DGS e.V. and our presence at the Intersolar Europe exhibition, visit our stand C4.190 or contact us directly at hello@enact-systems.com

Stay tuned for more updates and see you in Munich!

Written by International Marketing Associate Manuel Tribolati and Marketing Associate David Bartle