Enact launches solar installer platform in Australia

October 24, 2023

See how Enact for Installers can accelerate your solar & storage business

Australia is a global leader in solar energy, including rooftop residential and commercial solar. As the solar market stays strong, installers need solar software solutions that streamlines operations and accelerates growth.

Enact is proud to launch our all-in-one cloud software platform in Australia for design, sales, project and asset management. Enact for Installers helps across every stage of the solar design and sales process — in a fraction of the time.

Whether you’re an experienced installer or new to the industry, take your business to the next level with Enact. As solar continues to grow, you can deliver fast proposals that keep customers satisfied.

The solar and storage solution for Australian installers

Enact’s role in the dynamic and rapidly expanding Australian energy landscape is to simplify the path to solar adoption. The Enact for Installers solar software helps installers accelerate the transition to cleaner energy sources. 

With the country being a global leader in renewable energy, we think Australia is the perfect place to expand. The competitive and fast-growing landscape needs our fast-acting solar solutions.

Our vision aligns with Australia’s commitment to clean energy and we are ready to provide a solid contribution to the nation’s sustainable energy future. The Enact for Installers platform manages the entire solar and energy storage process in an all-in-one cloud solution. 

Enact provides multiple solutions to empower local businesses across every stage of the solar design and sales process. From automating designs and proposals to seamless project management, Enact simplifies the journey toward solar adoption.

We stand alongside solar installers in Australia throughout their business operations.

Thanks to the latest Enact software, installers can easily manage solar and storage projects, track leads, and create tailored solar proposals in minutes. On the consumer side, the Enact Home app helps simplify solar ownership with aesthetic solar monitoring.

Our leading solar design software supports Australian solar installers to automate designs, proposals and project management for residential and commercial solar and storage. Our installer platform is already empowering solar installers in over 25 countries.

We aim to simplify the design process with features like auto-detection of roof parameters, accurate shading tools, auto-detect chimney height and tree height. Succeeding in the solar market with Enact’s next-generation tool is easier than ever.

Automated Roof Analysis: Enact for Installers features an advanced auto-detect tool that accurately determines roof height, pitch and the solar azimuth angle. Our latest software precisely identifies the heights of chimneys and trees, enabling you to design the optimal system for your clients. This automated obstacle detection not only saves time but also allows you to design systems within minutes.

On-Screen Summaries: As you craft customized solar designs for your customers, Enact’s platform conveniently displays an on-screen summary, continually updated with critical generation data. This information includes kWp size, kWh generation, percentage offset, and kWh storage, expediting the design process and enhancing your understanding of system capabilities.

Precision Shading: We empower solar professionals to create systems that align with customer requirements. Our solar solution incorporates a highly accurate shading tool that functions effectively across various geographical locations. Say goodbye to unexpected shading issues that might compromise your customer’s system.

Proposal Design as a Service in Australia

Along with the Enact for Installers platform, Enact is launching our Solar Design as a Service (DaaS) to all Australian solar installers. Our global team of solar designers use our software to offer solar solutions to installers. Our fast, accurate solar solutions are available to installers across Australia.

The Design as a Service offering helps solar installers deliver accurate, customer-ready solar proposals and keep customers satisfied. Our team of energy experts ensure a perfect match between your vision and the final product by creating a comprehensive proposal within 24 hours. DaaS lets you meet the growing demand for residential and commercial solar projects in Australia.

To get started, simply provide us with your contact information, project address and a copy of your project’s most recent utility bill. Enact exists to enable solar installers to grow their business.

Enact is able to generate fast solar proposals using the same solar software available to installers. Our experienced DaaS team is able to create proposals within 24 hours, regardless of the panel, inverter or storage battery OEM.

The state of Australia’s solar market

Australia is among the world’s leaders when it comes to solar energy. A University of Sydney article stated 3.3 million Australian homes have rooftop solar panels. Ember, a British energy think tank, found the Pacific giant has the second largest solar share of total electric output at 14.2%. Australia generates 39 terawatt hours of electricity from solar panels.

There is ample opportunity for Australian solar installation professionals in residential and commercial markets. The Australian Energy Council reported rooftop solar continues to be a part of the country’s transition to clean in 2023’s first quarter. The report found, rooftopsolar accounted for 19.8 gigawatts of capacity at the end of the first quarter. This compared to 23.3 GW generated from coal at the same time. Going down to the state-level, Mordor Intelligence separately stated rooftop solar will be a vital part in achieving renewable energy goals for Queensland.

Solar energy is not proportionally distributed across Australia’s six states and two internal territories. Data from Statista shows Tasmania having the highest share of renewable energy at an impressive 99.1% — with South Australia in second at 71.5%. Renewables form a minority share of the remaining state’s energy sources. 

Overall, the Australian economy is still dependent on coal and natural gas for electricity. The Pacific country transitions toward clean country is contrasted with its large coal, natural gas and uranium deposits. The country is one of the largest producers of coal and uranium and sixth in natural gas.

Along with the growth and popularization of solar in Australia, there are ample opportunities for the solar installers. Electricity bills have risen in Australia, similar to other regions, which is a concern for many households. Solar offers Australian households an attractive and sustainable alternative or supplement to surging utility costs. 

Even as investment in large-scale solar decrease, rooftop solar remains strong. The Guardian reported Australia has the world’s highest per-capita solar energy penetration, using data from OpenNEM. Even in the warm winter, over a quarter of electricity used on Australia’s east coast is generated from rooftop panels during the peak sunny days.

At a state-wide level, the government of Victoria plans to ban gas connections for new households starting on 1 January 2024. This decision will further promote all-electric households which encourages the adoption of renewable energy sources. While this is a state-wide decision, it reflects the broader Australian goal to rapidly cut carbon emissions and achieve a net-zero carbon footprint by 2045.

A hot topic among the worldwide solar industry is battery storage, the Land Down Under is no different. Wood MacKenzie found Australia leads the world in battery storage. The global research group expects battery capacity buildout to accelerate as battery pricing is expected to decrease by 18% to 21%. Module pricing is expected to decline by over 40% in Australia by 2032 — for both Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) and Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) chemistries. Wood MacKenzie expects renewable energy plus storage will undercut coal and gas by 2028 in Australia.

Catch Enact at All-Energy Australia 2023

Enact is proud to attend the All-Energy Australia 2023 from 25-26 October at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center. The event is the largest gathering of clean energy professionals in Australia, offering an opportunity for Enact to meet solar and storage professionals across the country.

We plan on meeting solar and energy storage installers from across Australia and listen to their business strengths and challenges. This active listening allows us to understand the installer needs and understand the market.

Additionally, these shows provide ample opportunity to see new products and innovation. Enact’s two-sided platform is compatible with virtually every brand on the market, allowing us to better serve end-customers around the world.

The conference and exhibition will be held in Melbourne’s central business district, on the banks of Yarra River. Enact looks forward to attending the event and making valuable connections down under.

Grab a drink with Enact after All-Energy Australia

Join the Enact team at Byblós Bar and Restaurant for our Solar Happy Hour on Wednesday, 25 October at 7 pm in Melbourne. We are excited to meet solar installers and announce the launch of the Enact solar software in Australia.

At our Solar Happy Hour, our team will discuss how Enact for Installers can support installer operations step by step. Additionally, we want to hear from solar installers about their business operations and sales process. Installers will have the opportunity to learn more about our solar platform and meet our experienced team.

Byblós Bar and Restaurant is located at 38 Siddeley Street #18 Docklands, VIC 3008 Australia — near the beautiful Yarra River. We have limited seats, book your spot through Eventbrite

Hello Australia, we are Enact

Enact is a leading cloud platform that provides businesses with solar and energy storage solutions. Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2014, Enact has expanded to over 25 countries — including Australia — where we help businesses streamline their operations.

Our award-winning software is designed to accelerate the transition to clean energy around the globe. We’re the only two-sided platform that allows residential and commercial customers to simplify the solar and storage purchase experience — designed by Enact and delivered by local solar partners. Our product has enabled thousands of professionals around the world to deliver projects and manage assets for the long run.

Our mission is to provide an intelligent digital platform that enables development and management of solar and energy storage projects — and makes both easy, transparent and affordable for all.

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Written by Manuel Tribolati, international marketing associate

Edited by David Bartle, content marketing associate