About Enact

Our Vision, Mission and Core Values. 


We strive to transform the end-customer’s purchase and ownership experience of renewable energy solutions like solar and energy storage. We leverage data and automation, to build trust as well as improve the services delivered by partners using our platform.

Purpose and Core Values

What we stand for


Provide an intelligent digital platform that enables development and management of solar and energy storage projects, easy, transparent and affordable for all.


(Approved by all ENACT Employees – 2019)


We are passionate about cleaning up the environment in every market we serve and contributing to a more sustainable planet with a reduced carbon footprint.

Customer Trust:

We leverage our technology platform to ensure that customers projects are designed, deployed and managed with a high degree of trust and transparency.

Data Driven:

We create value for our customers and partners by providing them with the data-driven tools and analytics that helps them make informed decisions regarding their clean energy projects.

Mutual Respect:

We have built our entire organization, as well as every interaction with customers and partners, on a foundation of mutual trust and respect. We nurture an environment where each person’s ideas and contributions are valued.


When dealing with customers and partners we take the time necessary to understand their needs and concerns, and never give up on their quest for value.

Our Blog

What are the financial benefits of going solar?

What are the financial benefits of going solar?

Many homeowners may know about the environmental benefits of installing solar. Solar energy harnesses energy from sunshine and produces clean electricity without carbon emissions. Home solar energy systems also offer homeowners financial benefits. Solar panels can...

Is solar still worth it for homeowners under NEM 3.0?

Is solar still worth it for homeowners under NEM 3.0?

Last year, California rolled out a new solar policy, called NEM 3.0 — which replaced the old Net Metering (NEM 2.0) system with net billing. This change stirred some worry in the solar industry, as it seemed like going solar might not be as financially rewarding....