Enact launches solar design software in the UK

February 5, 2024

Empowering the British solar landscape, Enact unveils all-in-one cloud software platform Enact for Installers

The United Kingdom’s solar energy sector has seen significant growth over the past 20 years. The country saw an increase from four gigawatt hours in 2004 to 13.3 terawatt hours in 2022, according to Statista.

As British solar adoption is expected to grow, Enact is proud to launch its comprehensive cloud design software for installers across the Isles. Enact for Installers is an all-in-one platform that empowers installers across the sales and installation process.

Enact’s mission is to accelerate the transition to clean energy, which we accomplish through our unique solar and energy storage solutions. Installers in the UK and over 25 other countries can design fast, accurate systems and quickly generate customer proposals.

How Enact address the UK solar market needs

As a global leader in providing solar software solutions, Enact is set to bring its innovative platform to empower solar installers across the United Kingdom. Enact for Installers offers unique features that cater to the specific needs of the solar market in the UK and beyond.

The UK saw record home installations in 2023. As more British households move toward solar, Enact can help your business meet growing demand and expedite growth. British solar installers can rely on Enact throughout the solar design and sales process.

The Enact platform streamlines operations and drives efficiency at every stage of the solar adoption process. Installers can use the platform for system designs, proposal generations, sales and project and asset management.

Additionally, Enact for Installers is equipped for the British market. Our solar platform allows users to use metric and imperial measurement systems. Users can better serve customers by providing proposals with local energy supplier tariffs and pricing information.

Key features make Enact a growth-driven tool for British installers include:

  • Design Efficiency: Rapidly generate rooftop designs across the UK with automatic height, pitch and azimuth detection using the included Digital Surface Model (DSM). Confidently create obstacles and trees around the project, benefitting from DSM height updates every three months.
  • Shading Analysis: Run quick and accurate shading analyses for solar panel placements, exploring multiple scenarios and easily eliminating panels with poor solar access. Utilise a revamped user interface, providing easy access to critical design parameters and real-time updates on system size, generation, energy offset and storage size values
  • Storage Optimization: Forecast future savings potential and recommended energy storage sizing. Gain insights into charging cycles and state-of-charge through storage strategies and hourly simulations.
  • Proposal Customization: Streamline the proposal process with multiple pricing templates tailored to specific region and customer types. Incorporate preferred financing options (loan financing, leasing and PPA options) and compare cash-flows, using customizable templates with dynamic data, graphs and e-signature capabilities for efficient contract closure.

Enact commitment to British solar installers

Enact commitment to British solar installers

Enact is committed to providing solar installers in the UK with the best software solution. Our platform can improve installer efficiency through streamlined operations, offering essential features all in one place.

Increased efficiency can help British installers better serve their customers and see faster service. Faster service can help you provide more custom solar designs to homes and businesses across the UK.

Enact for Installers is a versatile tool for solar energy providers in over 25 countries. The solar platform helps installers meet the needs of the British solar and storage market. Our commitment is evident in its focus on efficiency and growth.

Enact for Installers, designed for both experienced installers and newcomers to the industry, simplifies and accelerates operations. Installers in the UK can benefit from design and sales to project and asset management.

Enact stands by installers throughout their business operations, providing tools to manage projects, track leads and create customised solar proposals effortlessly. Enact’s vision aligns with the pursuit of a sustainable energy future for the UK. by simplifying the solar adoption journey for businesses and consumers.

Unique solar and storage solutions for British installers

Enact can play a crucial role in the British residential and commercial solar landscape as it rapidly expands. The Enact platform simplifies the installation journey toward solar adoption.

The British residential and commercial solar market is competitive and a growing force in the UK energy sector. In 2023, the United Kingdom saw record solar and battery installations. Residential rooftop solar installations hit numbers last year that haven’t been seen since government subsidies were widely available in 2015.

Energy storage continues to be a complimentary product for residential and commercial consumers. The Enact platform helps installers size storage and design systems with storage.

As the residential and commercial solar markets continue to grow, Enact for Installers can equip installation professionals with the tools needed to grow with the market. Going beyond our bottom line, Enact aims to make a substantial contribution to the UK’s clean energy future.

Design better with Enact’s solar design tool

Design better with Enact’s solar design tool

Installers can design better solar energy systems with Enact’s solar design tool. The Enact for Installer platform was recently updated with enhanced features in 2024. You can generate fast, accurate custom designs and proposals for customers.

Enact helps automate the design stage with features such as detecting the height of chimneys and trees, taking roof measurements and analysing shade. The automated roof analysis in Enact for Installers features advanced tools that precisely determine roof height, pitch and the solar azimuth angle. Initial designs can be developed in minutes so you can quickly get back to homeowners and other customers

The introduction of our next-generation tool has made succeeding in the solar market more accessible than ever before. Streamlining this stage in the process can help you serve your customers quickly without sacrificing accuracy.

Automated Roof Analysis: Enact for Installers incorporates an advanced auto-detect tool, ensuring precise determination of roof height, pitch and the solar azimuth angle. This cutting-edge software accurately identifies the heights of chimneys and trees, allowing you to efficiently design the optimal system for your clients. The automated obstacle detection not only significantly reduces design time but also empowers you to develop systems within minutes.

On-Screen Summaries: Crafting customised solar designs is made seamless with Enact platform, featuring on-screen summaries that are continuously updated with critical generation data. This includes details such as kWp size, kWh generation, percentage offset and kWh storage. The convenience of these summaries expedites the design process, providing you with real-time insights into system capabilities and enhancing your overall understanding.

Precision Shading: Enact empowers solar professionals to align systems precisely with customer requirements through its solar solution’s highly accurate shading tool. This tool operates effectively across diverse geographical locations, eliminating unexpected shading issues that might compromise your customer’s system. Bid farewell to uncertainties as Enact Precision Shading ensures a reliable and efficient solar solution tailored to meet your customer’s unique needs.

Strategic partnership with TYSPO, London’s leading solar entity

Enact is excited to share news of our collaboration with TYSPO, a significant move set to transform the solar and storage sector for British installers. TYSPO is a London-based company that provides accessible renewable energy products to customers in the United Kingdom and southern Africa. Together, we’re bringing a fresh wave of efficiency and growth to solar businesses.

The Enact for Installers platform, combined with TYSPO’s insights, offers a practical and tailored solution for UK-based installers, streamlining the entire solar adoption process. This collaboration is more than just a partnership; it’s a commitment to providing British installers with the necessary tools and local support to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities in the city.

The British solar market

The landscape of the British solar market has undergone substantial transformations in recent years, mirroring the nation’s unwavering dedication to renewable energy and sustainability. Despite facing unique challenges, the UK offers distinct opportunities for the widespread adoption of solar energy.

The market is on the brink of significant expansion, with projections indicating a surge in volume from 18.53 gigawatts in 2024 to an impressive 53.12 gigawatts by 2029. This anticipates a remarkable Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 23.53% during the forecast period. Notably, the previous year witnessed unprecedented growth, reminiscent of the numbers observed in 2015 when government incentives for homeowners were more prevalent.

Key to this growth are government initiatives, including feed-in tariffs and renewable energy incentives, which have played a pivotal role in driving the proliferation of solar installations across residential, commercial and industrial sectors. These initiatives align with the overarching goal of diminishing reliance on fossil fuels and mitigating carbon emissions.

Energy storage compliments residential and commercial solar for many consumers seeking added savings, sustainability and energy security. As part of the evolving landscape, the British government temporarily exempted domestic battery energy storage systems (BESS) from the Value Added Tax (VAT) in February 2024. The VAT exemption will be in effect until 2027.

The temporary VAT exemption is a positive development for consumers. This measure makes energy storage more financially accessible for consumers. The exemption addresses a previous discrepancy where retrofitting existing solar installations did not enjoy the same VAT-free status as new installations. This inclusivity ensures that over 1.2 million solar-powered homes with existing setups can now benefit from the tax cut, promoting widespread adoption.

Beyond the direct cost savings, the exemption supports energy independence by allowing solar power utilisation after dark, effectively doubling the savings offered by home solar power systems. The measure also extends to water-source heat pumps and smart diverters, encouraging a comprehensive approach to renewable technologies. By stimulating demand for home battery systems, the exemption can drive market growth, foster innovation and create a competitive landscape, ultimately benefiting consumers with a broader range of choices and improved technologies. This initiative, backed by Solar Energy UK, aligns with broader goals of promoting sustainability, energy efficiency and the widespread adoption of renewable energy technologies in the UK.

The continuous evolution of solar technology, coupled with a decline in the costs of solar panels, has democratised access to solar energy for both consumers and businesses. Presently, the UK is reaffirming its commitment to a cleaner and greener future by pursuing ambitious solar power targets. The objective is to achieve a 40 gigawatt installed capacity by 2030, thereby solidifying the nation’s stance as a key player in the global transition towards renewable energy.

Start your solar journey today with Enact

Start your solar journey today with Enact

Embark on your solar journey today with Enact to see smooth residential and commercial solar energy projects. Our dedicated team of solar experts is here to guide you every step of the way.

Create accurate designs and fast proposals for customised systems with the Enact platform and meet your customers’ needs. Design projects with improved storage sizing and options for systems with added savings.

If you have any questions, concerns or problems — Enact’s global team is here to help. We’re committed to making the transition to solar simple and hassle-free. We even offer Design as a Service so you can get customer-ready proposals in a pinch.

Connect directly with our solar experts on our website to explore the endless possibilities of growing your business with Enact. Don’t wait any longer, book today your complimentary demo to experience firsthand how Enact innovative solar design software can enhance your solar journey.

Ready to revolutionise your solar projects? Schedule a free Enact for Installers demo today. Explore the features that can elevate your solar business, generate accurate designs, and expedite customer proposals. Start your journey towards efficiency, growth and a sustainable energy future. Book your complimentary demo now.

Written by Manuel Tribolati, international marketing associate
Edited by David Bartle, content marketing associate.