ENACT SYSTEMS acquires ADARA POWER to add Energy Storage capabilities to its Software Platform

February 19, 2020
February 19, 2020, Pleasanton, CA. ENACT SYSTEMS, the leading global software platform to deploy and manage solar projects announced an acquisition of ADARA POWER, to expand capabilities for energy storage and smart energy management. At this point, ENACT’s digital platform for Solar Projects is actively used by thousands of users in North America, Middle-East and South Asia, in nine country markets, with over $1B of solar projects processed annually.

Adara Power

ADARA POWER was founded in 2013, hence it is one of the early energy storage software companies in the US with experience in designing, selling, installing and managing a fleet of residential and commercial energy storage projects. Then, ENACT SYSTEMS plans to expand its offerings through this acquisition, by making adjustments such as:
  • Offer Energy Storage Project Design and Execution capabilities on its Solar Software platform. This will enable solar installers to model different value streams from adding energy storage to existing and new solar installations, both residential and commercial projects.
  • Expand Smart Energy Management capabilities, leveraging the site controller on ADARA’s iC3 platform, thus optimizing hybrid solar and storage operations and adjacent loads. This will be an
    open platform that integrates to multiple OEM brands for energy storage and solar inverters.
  • Provide Energy Storage domain expertise to Corporate customers as well as Solar project
    installation partners, in areas of design, procurement, regulations and incentive application
    packages, technology selection, field deployment and interconnection.
It is also important to emphasize: “As the prices for Lithium-based storage solutions continue to decline, we expect faster adoption of
onsite, stored energy in the coming years. The need for grid resiliency and backup power is a huge
driver in markets like California, the US Northeast and the Caribbean” said Neil Maguire, CEO of ADARA
POWER. “However, Energy Storage adds to deal complexity and typically slows commercial sales
cycles. ENACT’s digital platform can significantly simplify Solar and Energy Storage transactions helping
customers and energy practitioner’s globally”, added Neil.
Moreover, ADARA has deployed residential and commercial solar and storage solutions in multiple US states. ADARA offers a powerful storage monitoring application, as well as a firmware platform for energy management of storage solutions.
For instance, “Energy Storage at a distributed scale is emerging as a game-changer for global electricity customers.
Combining solar and storage, powered by software-based control, allows reliable and affordable
energy solutions”” said Deep Chakraborty, CEO of ENACT SYSTEMS. “ENACT’s first-of-its-kind, end-to-
end, cloud platform is expanding from pure-play solar to complete Smart-Energy solutions”, Deep
ENACT SYSTEMS provides a powerful digital business platform for renewable energy project
management: design, financing, installation management and asset management on a single cloudplatform. As a result, ENACT licenses its platform to project developers, installers and financiers in multiple
countries. Therefore ENACT’s customers are also large corporations in retail, hospitality, logistics and industrial
segments seeking renewable energy deployment across their portfolio. ENACT SYSTEMS is
headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in India and UAE (www.enact-systems.com ).

Adara Power is committed to providing safe, reliable, intelligent, and connected solar energy storage
for renewable energy. Furthermore, Adara Power’s Energy Storage Solutions are designed to support consumer self-
consumption and enable a resilient, renewable energy grid in order to power a cleaner, sustainable
planet. For more information, visit www.adarapower.com.

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