Enact is the solar & storage solution for Puerto Rico

November 6, 2023

Since 2019, Enact has proudly empowered Puerto Rican solar installers across the island through our solar design and sales software. After nearly five years, Puerto Rico continues to be an important market for Enact.

As part of our efforts on the island, Enact’s senior sales manager Danny Hernandez will speak to solar professionals at the 2023 annual Solar + Energy Storage Association of Puerto Rico (SESA) summit. Hernandez’s message will focus on how solar installers can use the Enact platform for storage battery analysis in residential and commercial projects.

The 7th Annual Solar Energy Summit will be held from November 6-8 at the oceanfront Fairmont El San Juan Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico has embraced solar energy, more than 44 states in the U.S. The Caribbean island may see enough sunlight to power over four times its residential needs, according to a U.S. government study.

Puerto Rico’s switch to solar is due to a variety of factors, including the aftermath of multiple devastating hurricanes that left thousands without power. Solar energy is not only critical to climate resiliency, but supplies the island with job opportunities.

Enact is the solar + storage solution for Puerto Rican installers

Enact’s all-in-one cloud platform – Enact for Installers — helps solar installers accelerate their business operations. As Puerto Rico rapidly embraces solar and energy storage, installers will need our comprehensive platform to keep up with the fast-paced environment. Enact for Installers is the next-generation solar tool for professionals in over 25 countries and territories.

Our smart platform manages the entire solar and energy storage process in one place. Installers can quickly create custom solar proposals in minutes and manage documents on Enact for Installers. We provide multiple solutions to empower local businesses across every stage of the design and sales process.

Solar installers can automate designs and proposals and seamlessly manage their projects. Our role is to simplify the journey to solar adoption in Puerto Rico and beyond. Installers can manage solar and storage projects, track leads and create customized solar proposals in minutes.

Enact for Installers includes a wide range of features, such as auto-detection of roof parameters, auto-detection for tree and chimney heights, accurate shading analysis and financial integration. We make it easier to succeed in the solar market for installer businesses of any size.

Speed things up with Enact’s Design-as-a-Service

This year, Enact has released our solar proposal Design-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution for installers around the world. Our global team of solar designers can create a custom solar proposal for your team in 24 hours or less.

If your team is too busy or needs a quick proposal, the Enact design team can create accurate proposals, including a solar design, technical specifications and quotes. All designs can be customized to meet your clients’ needs. Our DaaS offering is available across the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico – all we need is an address, a recent utility bill and your contact information,

DaaS isn’t just convenient, but it’s also collaborative. Throughout the process, Enact’s team of experts is eager to provide open communication to bring your vision to life. If something needs to be changed or adjusted, Enact will work with you until it makes your customer satisfied.

Solar energy and energy storage in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s valuable location and pursuit of climate resiliency have motivated thousands of residential and commercial solar projects. Along with financial benefits and sustainability goals, there is an optimistic future for solar in the commonwealth.

Solar and energy storage offers a life-line to the island’s estimated 3.264 million residents. Multiple devastating hurricanes and tropical storms — such as Irma, Maria and Fiona —  have overwhelmed Puerto Rico’s infrastructure and left homes and businesses without power. 

Rooftop solar and battery storage offers the island resiliency in addition to the economic and environmental benefits. This resiliency can mean the difference between life and death, as well as bringing comfort and stability following extreme weather.

This summer, CNET reported the number of solar-plus-battery installations for homes and businesses neared 80,000 — from 42,000 in January 2022. We expect this number to increase further following the Biden administration’s November announcement that it will pay $440 million for solar installations in Puerto Rico. 

The U.S. Department of Energy funding could cover solar costs for 30,000-40,000 single-family households in the commonwealth. This announcement will also bridge the economic gap in solar installations as an estimated 41.7% of Puerto Ricans live under the poverty line. 

Homes eligible for solar panel installations include those in low-income areas that experience frequent power outages or those with energy-dependent disability accommodations — such as an electric wheelchair or in-home dialysis machine.

What is Enact for Installers?

Enact for Installers is an all-in-one cloud platform that streamlines operations, automates the sales process and provides accurate quotes in a fraction of the time. You can create custom solar designs in minutes for your customers, with accurate satellite imagery and auto-detection tools. Our solar software speeds up and simplifies sales and project execution, ultimately allowing you to tackle more projects.

The Enact platform works with solar panels and storage batteries from across the marketplace, providing your team with options to meet Puerto Rico’s solar and storage needs. You can design rooftop or ground-mounted solar systems using a multitude of solar panel, inverter and battery manufacturers.

We recently announced the new Enact for Installers features coming this fall at RE+ 2023. Our new update will continue to transform how solar and storage projects are designed and managed in Puerto Rico.

The newest version of Enact enables installers to better design, price, sell and track projects. Ultimately, our solar software will improve the ease of workflow for your team and let you accelerate your business.

Written by David Bartle, content marketing associate.