Top US Corporates Adopting On-site Solar Electricity

May 28, 2018

May 31, 2018: Last month, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook proudly announced the launch of their new 100% Solar-powered global headquarters in California. SEIA’s recent study on US Corporate Solar reveals 325MW of Solar purchases by Corporates in 2017, with Target Corporation taking the top spot. Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution and Hospitality industries are rapidly switching to reduce operating costs leveraging Solar panels on site.

Courtesy: Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)

More than 4,000 Corporations have installed solar across nearly 7,400 locations in the US and this trend is expected to gather momentum with continued increase in grid-electricity prices in major markets, and the steady decline in complete-installed solar systems.

Initiatives like Renewable Energy 100 (“RE100”) have brought together Corporations who have set a public goal to source 100% of their global electricity consumption from renewable sources by a specified year. They disclose their electricity data annually, and RE100 reports on their progress. Since RE100 was launched at Climate Week NYC 2014, the campaign has continued to gather momentum and is now being rolled out in India and China in addition to Europe and the US.