EVs dirty secret — and how solar can help

April 4, 2023

EVs are only as clean as their energy source

Recent years have seen a significant increase in electric vehicle adoption in the U.S. and all forecasts suggest their popularity will accelerate. The widespread rise of EV ownership holds great potential to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and create a cleaner future. However, we will only reap the actual benefits of EVs if their electricity source is clean and renewable.

A study from EY revealed that over 52% of global car consumers wanted to buy EVs in 2022. This figure is the highest ever recorded and has climbed 22% in just two years. Support for EV adoption is coming from consumers and policymakers alike — with the U.S. setting an ambitious goal of reaching 50% electric vehicle sale shares in the U.S. by 2030.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, up to 95% of all harmful carbon monoxide in cities may come from vehicle exhausts. Transitioning from gas to electric-powered cars is a crucial step towards creating a cleaner, healthier environment. EVs are also proven to have a lower cost per mile of ownership in both fuel and maintenance costs.

The future of EVs is looking bright, but how clean are EVs really?

Electric cars are only as clean as their energy source. Fossil fuels account for a significant 60% of all electricity produced globally, which negates the environmental benefits of EVs. EVs remain more eco-friendly than traditional gas vehicles. If EVs remain reliant on polluting fossil fuels, their full environmental potential never be realized.

The key to unlocking the real benefits of EVs is accelerating the transition to clean energy. Solar power is a powerful resource that can provide renewable and inexpensive electricity to an EV. A survey from Solar Builder Magazine found that only 30-40% of EV owners in California also have solar panels. Many EV consumers are slow to invest in solar, due to concerns over return on investment and the complex process of choosing and installing the best system. Yet when it comes to the cost of charging an EV, there is no cheaper source of electricity than solar panels on site.

That’s why at Enact, our mission is to accelerate the transition to clean solar energy, by transforming the customer’s purchase and ownership experience of solar solutions. By making each step of the process easy, transparent and cost-effective, we eliminate the common concerns that prevent people and businesses from investing in solar power and securing a sustainable and economical future.

Enact’s satellite imagery software, data analytics and experienced energy advisors quickly identify and design the very best solution for each property’s needs. Our marketplace offers a selection of local installers, trusted financing options and a complete choice on equipment original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), giving consumers the confidence they’re making the right investment. Once installed, Enact’s platform connects with your solar to generate insights into performance and savings.

Our unique Enact Home app also enables solar and EV owners to manage their investment. Enact Home offers live tracking of solar power and battery charge levels, savings or payback, electricity rates and system outage reports. EV owners can be confident their solar system is providing clean, efficient and cost-effective energy to their electric vehicle. Our consumer platform provides solar owners the confidence that their solar system is seeing optimal performance.

Our technology removes common barriers to solar adoption, meaning more EV owners can yield the maximum benefits of their vehicles and experience greater environmental and financial benefits.

Contact us today to find out how Enact is helping unlock the benefits of EVs for businesses and consumers.