Enact Upgrades Solar Design Software to Significantly Optimize Design Efficiency

November 28, 2023

The new 2024 version provides solar installers with rapid design and implementation features — including automatic height and pitch detection — to better serve business and home customers

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SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 15, 2023 — Enact Solar, the award-winning intelligent digital platform, is revolutionizing the way solar and energy storage projects are planned, implemented and overseen.

As a true two-sided platform, Enact not only helps customers purchase solar and storage systems but also helps solar installers with the all-in-one cloud software platform, to design and manage projects. Today, the company has announced a major update to its platform for the Solar Design software, aimed at optimizing the installer experience.

With 3 million+ solar installations in the United States already, the installation process remains costly and often lacks speed and transparency. The Solar Design Installer software is designed to assist sales and installation professionals at every step of the solar and storage journey. 

This all-in-one cloud platform offers remote design using high-resolution satellite imagery and generates rapid proposals with detailed pricing and energy analytics — all of which enable quicker sales pipeline growth and seamless project management.

The new 2024 update will empower installers to leverage data to rapidly design more accurate project designs. The latest features include effortless 3D modeling and automatic height and pitch detection, further reducing the need for site visits prior to the sale.

The Enact Solar Design software helps installers optimize shading analysis by identifying roof panels with poor solar-access values. Moreover, Enact proposals equip installers with hourly simulations of solar and storage charging cycles and strategies. Enact also accelerates the contract signing process through e-signatures, custom contracts, and dynamic pricing data.

“Our newly enhanced Solar Design software for solar installers transforms how solar and storage projects are planned and executed. By harnessing cutting-edge data-driven analytics, installers can now discuss design plans with homeowners and businesses confidently, minimizing errors. This means faster, more accurate implementation for installers, and greater transparency for customers,” said Manasij Kar, Co-Founder and Head of Product at Enact.

“As solar energy continues to proliferate rapidly across the world, we anticipate a significant surge in homeowners, businesses and local communities adopting solar as a source of clean and affordable energy. This new upgrade of our Solar Design software is part of our ongoing commitment to improve the solar and energy storage experience, from purchase to ownership, for customers and installers. This is especially crucial in the US where we are seeing a tremendous surge in solar demand, driven by record growth in EV sales driving increasing demand for electricity. With utility rates rising at the same time, solar is the only answer to affordable, low-cost electricity,” said Deep Chakraborty, CEO and Co-Founder at Enact.

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