Enact Systems Receives Series A Financing to Accelerate Growth

November 16, 2022

California-based Enact Systems is one of the top solar software companies, offering a platform for solar installers and consumers. Enact’s two-sided platform enables sales teams to design, price and sell remotely, finalize contracts and track project execution. End-customers can also leverage Enact’s platform to manage their solar and energy storage transition and track financial outcomes

Enact has recently received a Series A financing of $11.5 million from Energy Growth Momentum. It is a growth capital fund promoting digital technologies related to the energy sector. Other investors involved were NB Ventures, Olympus Capital, ARKA Venture Labs, Alumni Venture Funds, and some angel investors.

Since its debut in 2014, Enact Systems has progressively increased the capabilities of its solar software platform. With this funding, Enact will be able to help accelerate the global climate transition through more rapid adoption of renewable energy.

Solar and energy storage are rising as new purchasing categories across key metropolitan markets globally. With this, Enact is prepared for substantial expansion in the future. Enact’s expanding two-sided platform allows sales teams to present appealing solar offers remotely, confirm contracts, and monitor the progress of solar projects. This robust two-sided platform uses data analytics to enhance client experience and outcomes. ENACT’s platform processes projects worth more than $1.5 billion annually in 20+ countries at present.

Enact’s Installer App helps providers boost sales of their solar and storage business and achieve faster project execution. The Installer App uses satellite images to create remote designs in 3D visualization in minutes, leading to detailed proposals with pricing and financing options.

Enact’s Installer App platform also helps manage projects seamlessly. The sales and operations teams use Enact to track and manage leads, documents, and contracts, significantly influencing the installer company’s internal operations by enabling a more effective workflow. The platform also allows users to keep a close eye on all contracts, related documents, and site images to avoid misplacing.

Enact’s Consumer App helps end-customers to manage their solar and energy storage transition and live tracking of financial outcomes. Enact’s Consumer App integrates with all major inverter and energy storage brands, as well as utility smart-meter consumption data to offer a single source of truth for the consumer’s savings. The Enact platform seamless analyzes data to predict equipment performance and asset maintenance needs.

Enact’s SAAS platform serves various countries globally, specifically those looking to deploy clean energy solutions. With almost a thousand users in more than 20 countries, Enact’s platform is revolutionizing how distributed energy resources are installed and managed.