March 22, 2018

Santa Clara, CA, June 23, 2014 — Solar and energy efficiency installers and developers spend up to 30 percent of their revenue in sales and customer acquisition costs. To reduce transaction costs and connect providers to more customers, enACT Systems is launching from beta its new open-source software-as-a-service platform. The simplistic, yet robust, software platform integrates the entire sales process, from sales origination to proposal generation, financing and fulfillment. enACT Systems leverages live data sources, like utility smart-meter data and geospatial information to allow the development of highly-accurate proposals on desktop or mobile devices within 5 minutes. Independent of any specific financing company or manufacturing OEM, enACT Systems is an open-source platform for all professionals in the solar and energy efficiency industries, that can be branded per individual needs.

“We have piloted the software platform with a dozen solar and energy efficiency companies over the past months and our beta users have benefited from enACT’s marketing automation, simplified workflow plus high-quality visuals”, said Deep Chakraborty, Co-Founder and CEO of enACT Systems. “They are increasing their overall productivity with the platform and that leads to more deal volume and revenue.”

The enACT platform starts by connecting solar and energy efficiency companies with new customers through online sign-ups, channel co-branding, and retail partnerships. Once engaged in sales conversations, enACT allows channel users to accurately size systems including rooftop layouts and energy analytics online, as well as compare multiple financing options such as loans, cash and PACE financing. enACT generates point-of-sale proposal documents that users can share live with customers online, and improves document management for all its customers. enACT also enables marketing automation through custom-branded online-platforms for premium users designed to increase consumer engagement.

“We have been testing the enACT platform, and really liked the easy user interface. This will save us a lot of time for our sales team, and also help manage workflow better”, said Kelly Smith, President of Ambassador Energy. “We engaged enACT Systems to develop our new sales and financing platforms and are very pleased with the outcome”, said Jonathan Pickering, Managing Director at K2 Clean Energy Capital.

“The clean energy market, led by strong solar growth, will continue to drive unique downstream models for distributed energy sales,” continued Chakraborty. “Providers, developers and EPCs are now innovating by combining multiple technologies, such as solar, lighting upgrades and HVAC improvements, that can be financed at once by increasing number of banks and novel schemes like PACE that are gaining ground. This only increases the channel sales complexity and we all need sales management and transaction platforms that are simpler and easy to use. We are honored to help fill that need.”


enACT’s software-as-a-service platform enables increased customer engagement, channel engagement and workflow automation for solar energy and energy efficiency sales. The platform increases deal flow and reduces transaction costs for installation, financing and distribution companies by leveraging its patent-pending approach for channel convergence and data analytics. enACT Systems is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. For more information please visit www.enact-systems.com