March 22, 2018

February 2, 2014 — Dublin CA — enACT has expanded its energy-services software marketplace that allows consumers to view their energy consumption, manage energy vendors and track their energy savings. enACT has partnered with San Diego Gas & Electric on the Green Button program which allows consumers direct-access to view their smart-meter data live.

enACT’s software platform allows customers to evaluate, select, and track savings from home energy options like solar generation. The starting point for every solar project sizing is the energy consumption. Providers loose days waiting to collect such information from the consumer’s utility in the right format, to calculate the right proposals. enACT changes that going forward – enACT partners receive complete energy history for the consumer right at the first step of their engagement with the project.

“Solar solutions need to reach thousands of homes and consumers spend days and weeks evaluating proposals. The buying process is painful and complex, so we are working on EVERY step of the process. At enACT, we felt the strong need for consumers to have their own platform. Our platform makes it easy for customers and providers to engage quickly” says Deep Chakraborty, ENACT SYSTEMS’S CEO.

“Our platform meets the highest security standards. We have spent several months testing the system at various levels with the utility and customers. We also have secure APIs to databases on real estate, energy utility rates, solar production and weather data. Because enACT is an independent source of customized energy information, our software enables consumers to make better decisions about how to invest”, says Deep Chakraborty. “enACT will not replace the service provider’s selling relationship with the consumer; however, its platform aims to improve the efficiency of the marketplace for both providers and consumers.”