Black & Veatch and ENACT Systems Partner to For Commercial Solar

May 26, 2020

Black & Veatch, ENACT Systems Partner to Advance Commercial Solar in Southeast Asia

BANGKOK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Black & Veatch, a global provider of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services, and ENACT Systems Inc., a leader in the cloud-based solar software industry, announced a strategic partnership designed to elevate commercial solar project management to new heights in Southeast Asia.

Decarbonization and sustainability

Large solar projects driven by the global march towards decarbonization and sustainability are becoming increasingly complex. Subsequently the market is growing and Black & Veatch estimates that Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam will see an additional 19 GW in solar installations and capacity by 2024. However, with COVID-19, the industry is moving into the digital age and abandoning traditional solar project management. Therefore, by adopting automation, the solar industry can optimize solar project management and introduce new opportunities for efficiency and productivity.

The road ahead

To do this, Black & Veatch’s Global Distributed Energy business will combine its experience and industry-leading service and EPC offerings with the ENACT cloud-based platform to automate development and deployment processes for distributed solar projects across Southeast Asia. By digitizing the entire project process, the platform helps manage the design, financing, execution and asset management of solar projects. In several countries some of them are Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. In this way, the solar platform offers greater efficiency throughout the solar project lifecycle.

Combining deep expertise in global distributed energy and renewables with cloud-based solar platform will strengthen commercial solar capabilities.

“As a global leader in renewable energy, Black & Veatch has contributed to more than 2,000 solar PV installations around the world,” said Mitesh Patel, Director of Black & Veatch’s Renewable Energy business in Asia. “Pairing our technical expertise in renewables with ENACT’s cloud-based solar platform will allow us to broaden and expand our EPC offerings. Particularly when it comes to the growing commercial rooftop solar market. Embracing this advanced technology reflects Black & Veatch’s commitment to innovation and working in new ways.”

Deep Chakraborty, CEO of ENACT Systems Inc.

“Distributed energy, led by solar, will continue to grow. As commercial and industrial customers in Southeast Asia look to reduce fixed costs while benefiting from third-party financing”. Said Deep Chakraborty, CEO of ENACT Systems Inc. “In the post-COVID-19 world, the complexity of renewable project development will only increase. As business teams continue to work remotely, avoiding physical commitment while getting the job done on time. Digital platforms will be even more crucial to ensure timely and effective transactions throughout this time.”