ENACT Systems software now capable of managing residential and commercial solar + storage projects

October 15, 2020

ENACT Systems, a global software platform to deploy and manage renewable energy projects, announced new capabilities with the ENACT ENGAGE offering for asset management of solar + storage projects.

Leveraging cloud integrations with solar and storage hardware and monitoring devices, ENACT ENGAGE tracks real-time bill savings for residential and commercial customers, as well as variance of actual savings versus projections. ENACT ENGAGE centralizes data access for disparate project assets, enabling powerful predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities. ENGAGE also allows fleet owners and storage OEMs a centralized platform for customer support, asset operations, warranty performance and aggregated reporting.

“As ownership of distributed solar and storage expands globally, end-customers and asset owners are seeking real-time financial transparency on their investments,” said Deep Chakraborty, CEO of ENACT SYSTEMS. “As basic as this may seem, this is still an unsolved problem. ENACT’s end-to-end cloud platform offers the single, independent ‘source of truth’ that’s easy to use for all stakeholders — customers, asset owners, OEMs and developers.”