Enact adds new functions to solar + storage app

June 20, 2023

Solar platform Enact Systems has launched an updated Enact Home app to enhance solar and storage ownership. Enact Home aims to empower both residential and commercial solar panel and storage owners with independent analysis and personalized insights to optimize their solar experience and return on investment. Enact provides a better solar buying experience and simplifies solar ownership.

Solar and storage homeowners can view their solar generation and monthly savings in a sleek, intuitive platform. The app can be used with both existing solar panels and new systems installed by Enact. Solar battery owners can also use Enact Home to view the charging status of their batteries, giving much-needed assurance and confidence in charging levels.

Also for systems designed on Enact Design tool that maximize self consumption, the Enact Home app can track such daily and monthly savings, improving overall transparency.

Enact Home users will enjoy a streamlined interface, displaying the status of their system. This alerts users if their system goes offline, meaning action can be taken promptly to avoid costly outages. Enact Home goes the extra mile by alerting an installer if the system has been inactive for over 72 hours.

Enact Home also provides transparency on ROI by tracking the percentage of the solar system paid off through utility savings. Enact Home users will better understand the financial and environmental benefits of their solar systems, and have greater confidence in meeting their financial and sustainability goals. These metrics are sent via monthly reports and ensure solar homeowners are receiving what they were promised upon signing the initial contract

“Accelerating the transition to clean energy is at Enact’s core, and the new Enact Home app is the next step towards this goal,” said Enact’s CEO and co-founder Deep Chakraborty. “Our improved Enact app will continue to enhance the experience of solar panel ownership by providing premium customer service, powerful insights into solar performance and return on investment. Ultimately, our users will benefit from improved solar performance and service, resulting in greater environmental and financial benefits.”

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