The challenge

We are Sunniva Solar, a residential solar installer located in Spanish Fork, Utah. Sunniva Solar offers homeowners a unique way to go solar — shade structures with a solar panel roof for their backyard, patio or driveway. Our product provides shade from the sun and energy to power your home. Despite our stunning product, we needed a proposal software service to streamline the process and help customers in the Provo metropolitan area — the old way of creating proposals was inefficient.

Before using Enact Systems for Installers, we used Word documents to make proposals for residential customers. It took us hours to make a simple two-page proposal. The process was tedious and it impacted our bottom line.

We used customer information in the proposal but we have to add it all manually just to calculate a single field with an Excel spreadsheet. The process slowed down our ability to help our customers and grow. Sunniva Solar needed to find a proposal management software to automate the process — thankfully, we found Enact Systems.

The goal

Sunniva Solar needed a more agile way of training our employees. We were having a difficult time helping them understand our proposal system. It was difficult to explain how the company’s tax incentives work and other features for creating solar designs and proposals.
We wanted something that would make it easier for us to onboard employees with an all-in-one platform to speed up the sales process.

The solution

Enact Systems for Installers helped Sunniva Solar by providing proposal services, increasing efficiency and improving customer experience. Enact Systems offers an all-in-one cloud software platform for design, sales, project and asset management. This greatly helped our business create solar solutions that benefited our own employees and especially our customers. Enact Systems helps installers, like Sunniva Solar, close deals faster through beautiful and accurate proposals — both in the U.S. and around the world.

The features we use most, at Sunniva, are:

  • Generate custom solar sales proposals
    Speed up the sales process by arming your sales team with proposals that can be signed immediately.
  • Design better energy solutions
    Eliminate the hassle of a site visit. Check shading and view your site in 3D completely remote by using satellite imaging, like larger solar installation companies do.
  • Manage and monitor projects solar projects
    Keep your team well-informed and organized. Assign tasks, generate email reminders, and report progress with our customized workflow for residential solar installers.
  • Manage contracts in one location
    Stop losing track of all your contracts, documents and site photos. Generate templates with electronic signatures, eliminate errors, speed up change orders.
  • Track and manage leads
    Save hours of time and never lose a lead again. Integrate all lead sources to one live project dashboard, that is also accessible by your entire solar panel installer sales and operations team.

The impact

5 things Sunniva Solar achieved with Enact Systems (from owner Landen Sill)

1. Increase customer satisfaction
We could help our customers understand what was going on and what the next steps were as well and that was very helpful.

2. To have software that meets our needs
We have the ability to customize because we do different things. We use different panels and different inverters than those in the average solar company. That way we took what we were doing and integrated it into Enact Systems and it was really helpful — there was really nothing that we couldn’t do with Enact.

3. Generate custom solar sales proposals
Now, we can just quickly input the customer’s information and make the proposal that used to take hours or days to complete. It is done in just ten minutes and we can come back and edit those proposals. It is so easy, so quick, so simple.

4. Enables rapid training for the sales team
Enact has a very simple process that is easy for everyone so training the employees is very simple and very easy. They can quickly grasp onto it and quickly be able to go out there and use the software to be able to make sales and get things accomplished that way.

5. Enact offers me a follow-up from day one
Enact has reached out so many times to make sure that everything is still going well and continuously helping me through the process. They made sure I understand how to use the software, how to make things happen.

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