December 24, 2018

Carnival Cinemas, one of India’s largest chains of movie theaters has partnered with ENACT to implement Rooftop Solar.

With over 470 screens in 162 locations and 20 cities. Carnival has decided to focus on reducing energy costs as a primary operational measure. Firstly they will implement solar installations at various locations in Maharashtra.

The partnership

“Carnival Cinemas is expanding its footprint in all cities across India rapidly as we transform the multiplex experience in this country. Our goal is to provide a better Cinema Experience at an affordable price. Solar energy is cheap and an environmentally friendly source of energy. Our association with ENACT SYSTEMS is helping us implement Rooftop Solar across our major cinemas. Which will result in significant savings in electricity cost” said Mohan Umrotkar, CEO of Carnival Cinemas. To clarify India has the largest movie-going population in the world. With over 1.95 Billion views per year and 1200 releases per year, also the highest in the world. Even so, India has one of the lowest per capita screens, which equates to 7 screens per person, while in the United States it is 125 and China’s 30.

Carnival Cinemas

“As we continue our massive scale-out in multiple cities and towns across India, Rooftop Solar represents an excellent opportunity to improve operating margins, in addition to cleaning up the environment. We have implemented additional measures focusing on Energy Efficiency as well”, said Kunal Sawhney, Vice President of Operations at Carnival Cinemas.


ENACT SYSTEMS is changing the way solar assets are developed and managed around the world. As a result of the implementation of its leading technology platform for the management of solar projects. It automates design, financing, installation management and asset management, reducing the total transaction cost of rooftop projects. This improves asset quality and simplifies the ownership of solar assets.

Solar projects

“Solar projects are complex, and despite rapidly dropping solar PV hardware prices, execution of projects remains a challenge. Corporations are adopting onsite solar but struggle to manage such asset procurement”, says Deep Chakraborty, CEO of ENACT SYSTEMS. “We are committed to simplifying the Solar transition for Corporate Customers across the world, leveraging our technology platform and partner network”.