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Enact makes Solar simple, with Solar professionals you can trust.

Looking for a reliable solar company in the Bay Area that specializes in seamless installations? You’ve come to the right place!

Enact Solar is here to help you take that step. Enact is your one-stop destination for all things solar. We specialize in providing cutting-edge solar power solutions that are both efficient and environmentally friendly. As a leading solar company in the Bay Area, we are dedicated to transforming your energy consumption habits.

Benefits of going solar

Reduce your Energy Bills

Based on your energy consumption and the size of your home solar system, you can decrease your electric costs by as much as 50-100 percent.

Increase Home Value

With an increased demand for sustainable energy, on average, a home with a purchased solar system has been known to fetch up to 4.1% higher than a home without.

Lower your Carbon Emissions

As a renewable resource, solar energy significantly decreases carbon emissions. Help make California and the Bay Area a cleaner place to live for generations to come!

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Question 1: What are the benefits of solar?

There are numerous benefits of solar energy. A home or business solar energy system not only reduces your carbon footprint, but will save you money on utility bills. Going solar also increases your energy independence and security.

Question 2: What are the benefits of storage?
A storage battery saves excess solar energy. Without a battery, unused solar energy is sent to the electrical grid. Storage batteries let you use clean energy all day long. Energy storage also offers energy security at night, on cloudy days and during power outages.
Question 3: What is Enact Home?
Enact Home is a solar and storage monitoring app that provides independent insights to your system’s health and performance. Enact Home users can track energy generation, financial savings, state of charge and other key metrics.
Question 4: Why is Enact Home useful?
Enact Home offers third-party analysis to your solar power system’s performance. Our digital platform can help you understand how your system is working and when you need maintenance. Our mission is to empower clean energy consumers through in-depth analysis
Question 5: Does Enact Home work with my storage battery?
Yes, Enact Home can integrate with any solar storage battery and monitor your battery’s performance. Users can track their state of charge and see useful visualizations displaying their battery’s status.



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Trusted by solar professionals around the globe

“"Enact has been a total game changer for my business, helping us seal the deal on some many solar projects. Their all-in-one service for sales, marketing, and customer support lets me concentrate on what I do best - delivering fast and accurate solar installations. They've become my one-stop-shop for all things solar, and with their new Insider Partner Program, things are only going to get easier and help us at Bright Energy grow even more."”
Joseph Nelson,
President of Bright Energy Solar
“Enact rende l’idea di quale può essere il ROI e di quali saranno le dinamiche dell’impianto fotovoltaico. Software come Enact non sono così tanti, anzi sono difficili da intercettare.”
Energetic Efficiency,
“Con Enact riusciamo sempre a trovare la giusta soluzione, è fondamentale per la preventivazione e per la spiegazione dell’impianto a qualsiasi tipo di cliente. Grazie ad Enact riusciamo a variare la tipologia dei materiali e fornire informazioni veritiere di quello che sarà l’impianto fotovoltaico.”
Delta Impianti,
“Wir nutzen Enacts Plattform und Auslegungsservices seit mittlerweile mehr als einem Jahr. Die Präzision und Geschwindigkeit ihrer Lösungen mit tausenden für unser Team erstellten Auslegungen haben einen sehr positiven Einfluss auf unser Geschäft gehabt”, David Wolf, Geschäftsführer und Mitbegründer der SolarHub GmbH”
SolarHub GmbH,
“We have 2 solar systems systems - Tesla and Enact Systems. The one my Tesla is under-delivering by about 20% in generation, the main one by Enact is on the money 4 years later. If you go with Tesla, make sure they do it on site detailed inspection taken into account things like trees and shades.”
John, Homeowner, Castlewood, CA,
“I have experienced three installations and this was the best. They also gave the best quotation amongst 3 vendors and have been the best post installation support experience as well. Go for it!”
Homeowner Fremont
“Enact's platform made it simple for me on both the front and back end. I didn't have to do much legwork on my own to see what program I should get on, the numbers, or the critical information that I needed.”
Homeowner Fremont
“ENACT Shows new information to me. I like the fact it shows me estimated generation versus actual generation. I found the power and energy presentation really easy to understand.”
Homeowner, San Rafael, CA

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